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Anyone can play The Big Internet Marketing Game but honestly, this site is aimed at beginners. If you want to start an online business or just are curious to learn more about having an online presence, this site is for you. You are in luck as I am a beginner too and offer in this site the very basic. I am also on a shoestring budget so you will often get FREE or very affordable options to do things. Even if I wanted, I could not complicate things as this would be beyond my capacities. On the other hand, if you are an advanced internet marketer and landed here, I am more than opened to any and all constructive comments. If you have a product that would be of value to the people starting inĀ  The Big Internet Marketing Game, please click the contact us button below (yeah, the one with the man putting the letter in the shredder). Everyone using this site assumes full responsibility for their actions. Many people have lost fortunes trying to make money online. You don’t want to be that guy! Also, throughout all the website and the emails you might receive there are links to products that I am an affiliate, this means I could get paid a commission if you click on those links. By using this website and all related products and emails, your are agreeing to our terms of service.
Have fun playing the Big Internet Marketing Game and please send me links to your accomplishments as they see life!