Getting Media Attention


Getting Media Attention


Now that you have a great website and good quality products to sell, you want to get more attention and more people to know about you and your products. We have gone over many ways to get traffic such as paid ads, article marketing, doing joint ventures, video marketing, etc. A very important fact that internet marketers tend to overlook too often is that there is life outside the Web!

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You and your website can get great attention by targeting people outside the internet and drawing them back to your site. I know of some very successful internet marketers who placed ads in newspapers with only the URL to their web site as a reference and got great traffic from that strategy.

Giving conferences is a great way to pose as the expert in your field and you can easily sell your products in the back of the room thus making a very good income even if you were giving your conference for FREE.

Here are some useful tricks I have learned in setting up your conference and keeping your costs to a minimum:

1) Most community newspapers have dead space they need to fill with free community services. You can easily announce your conference there for free. If this is not a possibility, you can offer to write an article (or use one that you already have) and post a link at the end to either your website or announce your free conference.

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2) Most cities have either community centers or conference rooms (in public buildings or hospitals) that can be used by the general public for free.

3) Make sure you bring plenty of business cards or flyers to pass along to the attendees. You want the satisfied attendees to go back to your website or tell their friends.

4) Offer great products at discount prices in the back of the room (check that it is ok before) and make sure people understand that this offer is only good before they leave the room. This tactic alone often has people stampeding to the back of the room during internet marketing seminars!

Another great way to get your name and your web site’s name out there is to write a book.  You will see more and more website addresses in books as writers have understood the power of marketing with their book as the gateway of upselling to their readers.

Savvy digital marketers offer free reports or documents in their books that people can access by going to the author’s website. It is not enough to offer people to opt-in to get your newsletter. People are expecting free gifts in exchange for their email address.

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Another great way to get attention is to write a press release. By writing an attention grabbing press release, you run the chance of having newspapers, radio and television talk about you and your website. Whenever you give a television or radio interview, the traffic on your website tends to peak and your sales will tend to go up as well. When customers hear your voice or better yet get to see you on television, they develop a feeling of trust and are inclined to purchase from you.

Be sure to always mention your web site URL whether you are on television, giving an interview for radio a magazine or a newspaper.

It is actually a great idea to prepare a small intro that you provide to the interviewer so you don’t sound like you are bragging.

Do not withhold information or repeat to go to your website or buy your book. Give valuable free information and people will want more from you.

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How does one write an attention grabbing press release? How do you put fire in your writing?

A powerful way is to link your product or book to events in the news. Search on Google trends or Reddit to find what is capturing people’s attention. Be careful not to stretch the link between the news and your product or book so you come out as a spammer.

Go to Udemy and search for copywriting or press release and choose a course that will help you get media attention NOW!

The other way to get media attention is to hire someone from Fiverr who will write your copy or press release.

In the end though, you are the best person to write about your book, website or product. Since you will need to write the outline of the press release, why not write it all and gain the experience?


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1) Consider writing or hiring someone to write a press release. Try to see your product from an interesting and different point of view. You can all a friend and ask them if they would mind listening to you presenting your product.

Consider taking a copywriting or press release writing course on Udemy or LearnWorlds.

2) Decide if you want to offer a free conference, a free newspaper or magazine article. You will be surprised when friends call you asking “Did you see they are talking about your product on this article?” You will answer, laughing: ”Of course, I gave that interview!”

3) Take a moment to review the news, visit reddit or Google trends with the perspective of how this could relate to your product, book, services or website.



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