Keywords research and keyword targeting on your web page are essential. You have to understand that for almost every internet niche, you are competing against hundreds of thousands if not millions of other web sites.

The way results are shown on the search engines is by the ranking of the site (according to age, quality of content, links, etc) and the relevance of the site to answer the search query. Hence, if a person searches for “hypnosis” she will get 16,500,000 results. Good luck competing with that if you are new on the hypnosis market!


On the other hand, if your site is aiming at long tail keywords (usually more than two words) or what other internet marketers call “low hanging fruits”, you will have less competition. Hence, if you type the search words: “hypnosis natural childbirth” in Google, you get 55,100 results. The first one is and that is my web site dedicated to hypnosis for childbirth. The seventh result is the product page of the same site. The eighth result is my other web site which has pages dedicated to my hypnosis for childbirth program. (These results were correct and the time of writing this page and will, of course vary). The beauty of targeting longer keywords sequence is that I am getting a tighter market composed of people really interested in using hypnosis for a natural childbirth. Not bad for sites that are not yet three years old.


At this point, you might be wondering what tool I used to get the proper keywords and have my pages rank well. The answer will disappoint you: NONE! I found that when writing on a niche you know well, the keywords come naturally. There are also tools selling you synonyms but when you write about a subject you know well, you naturally use synonyms to make your text more readable.

When you are developing a web site on a topic you are not very familiar with or when expanding your existing web site, using a keyword research tool will prove priceless.

There are numerous FREE keywords tools available on the net and here are some of the top ones:


The problem with using these tools is that since they are available to everyone, the results will be the same for all the users and if you target those keywords, you will be competing against thousands if not millions of users.

 I suggest you play with those tools and get familiar with what keywords are.

Let’s not kid ourselves and admit that keywords research can be time consuming.



There are services that offer keywords research and might be worth your consideration if you know exactly where you are going. Just like any other outsourcing tasks, you will need to be specific and give clear directions if you want results that will be worthwhile. I have the big chance to have my webmaster do all my keywords research for me and I am forever grateful to him for that.

internet marketing business money work at home successYou see, the problem is that when you finish your keywords research, you are far from done. Hence, you get a big excel file (or other) with thousands of keywords and need to go back and skim what you really want to keep. This can only be done manually and needs human attention.

For example, if I did a keywords research for the word “hypnosis”, I would get all the results about “feminization hypnosis” and all kinds of stuff I do not deal with (to say the least) and would need to delete all those results manually.

There has been numerous debates on internet marketing forums about keywords density on a web page. The long boring debates went on and on about what was the best keyword density for a web page: 5%, 10%, 6,7% . The simple answer is: “I don’t give a crap!”

Google has more or less settled the argument by establishing all those rules about giving the visitor a “good quality surfing experience”. Although some internet marketers were upset by such “arbitrary rules” (but then again, we know these people were using keywords stuffing software and were offering awful pages to their visitors and were more interested in attracting the search engines robots), you have to admit it makes sense.


For example, such texts as the following one will be ignored by the search engines and that is a good thing:
“” is a web site dedicated to people interested in starting an internet marketing business by offering valuable information on internet marketing for beginners. Such material provided for internet marketing beginners will be text on internet marketing business for Newbies.”



+ Browse the free keyword research tools above and get familiar with what keywords are.

+ Go back to your web pages and see if you can sort out what the keywords are for any given page. You can ask yourself: “what is the topic of this page” and see if the answer is obvious. You might want to re-write some of the content to have better keywords targeting. Beware of not going overboard. You can also use a synonym dictionary to help you target other keywords you might not have thought of.

+ If you are ready and feel like you need a keyword research tool that will give you good possibilities and will not be in everyone’s hands, here are the two keywords tools my webmaster uses to do my keyword research:

Next, we use Keyword Elite by Brad Callen (there is only one thing I do not like about this guy…it’s that he is about half my age!):


See you on the next square!


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