If all goes well, you now have chosen your market, have one or more cool domain names, have found the best hosting company and have written 5 to 10 pages of interesting content for your web site.

It is time to reflect on your progress.

-Do you like the overall look of your website?

-Does creating content come easily to you?

-What do you need to progress in your online business?

 You will soon realize that creating a web page or post in WordPress can be as simple as writing a word document.

The cool feature is that you can click on the view function in the upper bar of your editor and either work in visual (basically WYSIWYG- what you see is what you get) or you can click the text viewer and work in the html code. 

Maybe you have come to the conclusion that there are tasks that you do not enjoy doing or that you are wasting a lot of time doing. Maybe it is time to outsource some of the tasks. 

Outsourcing in digital marketing

The five best reasons to outsource for your digital business

1.Reason number 1 to outsource tasks in your online business: time. You cannot be everywhere and do everything.  Most tasks for a successful internet marketing business have a learning curve. Even if you fancy yourself as being a very versatile online marketer, wasting hours on a task that will cost you 5$ to outsource does not make sense.

2. Reason number 2 to outsource tasks in your online business: limitations. As much talent as you might have, there will be tasks that you will not exceed at. Also, some occasional tasks can require a software and investments while just hiring someone to do the job would cost you a couple of dollars. For example, on  you can get a pack of 50 (plus 2 bonus) intro and outro videos with your logos for 5$.

What would be the point of buying the software and taking the time?

3.Reason number 3 to outsource tasks in you digital business: money.

You are your online business’ most important asset. Therefore, you need to allocate your time for your most profitable tasks. If you are great at writing, write. If you are excellent at making videos, that is what you should do. If you are a born leader on social media. that is what you should do. 

Even if you wanted to you cannot be good and efficient at everything so choose wisely. Digital marketing is a marathon and most entrepreneurs fail because they give-up too soon so work wisely.

Outsourcing in internet marketing

4. Reason number 4 to outsource tasks in your online business: leverage.

Some service providers have an established reputation and will offer you to leverage it. For instance some people with a large following on Facebook® will offer you to post on their page about you or mail to their list. 

You have to be careful though that many of these so-called influencers have an unresponsive list and you would be wasting your money.

Reason number 5 to outsource tasks in your online business: uniteresting task.

 Repetitive tasks that does not require much expertise can be delegated for a very low price. By hiring a virtual assistant you can delegate the tasks that you do not like to do like customer service, link building or social media postings.

The last thing you should be outsourcing in the beginning is content in my opinion. Your website should reflect your voice and your expertise.

After a while, yes hiring skilled writers to pump-up fresh evergreen content on your website makes sense. 

A good example of this is Neil Patel. He is the S.E.O guy and makes a fortune charging for S.E.O. services. His online business has grown so much that he is now assuming the role of the brand of the company, appearing in videos and emails but he has an army of writers who create content that are in his style and voice. 

Outsourcing in online marketing

There are many ways to hire a person who will do the tasks you are ready to outsource.

  1. You can post a project on Fiverr.com
  2. You can post a project on elance.com
  3. You can post a project on upwork.com
  4. You can post a project on  freelancer.com
  5. You can go to your local College or your computer-savvy teenage neighbor and ask if he (or she) is interested in getting paid to work for you.
  6. You can ask around.
  7. You can do a Google search for “web design” or “web maintenance”.

Allow me to share my own experience about all the above suggestions and you can decide for yourself. I often use Fiverr as I find their interface easy to use. They also have an escrow function which basically helps you if the person you hired does not complete the work (which happens more time than you can imagine).

I have fellow internet marketers who prefer using guru.com or rent-a-coder.

My experience has been that finding a good reliable webmaster can be as hard as…finding your soulmate!

Eventually, you do find a fantastic provider at a dirt cheap price because they live in countries where money does not ahve the same value as here.

I have stopped counting how many times, I hired someone on Fiverr for 5$ (hence the same-although they added 2$ in fees) and that person solved the problem in 5 minutes. In those moments, I highly regret having wasted so mnay hours trying to figure out the problem.

Click on the Fiverr images on this page and check out what providers are offering as services. You do not need to go on the business section in my opinion as it seems to be just a mean to charge you more for the same thing.

Although I might be a exaggerating a little, I am often surprised to hear very successful internet marketers (multi-millionaires) asking around for a webmaster.

outsourcing in online marketing

The top 5 tricks to hiring an outsourcing service:

  1. Trick number 1 to hire outsourcing services: Check the reviews.

Many outsourcing services will have a review system. The more favorable reviews a person has, the better. It is also important to see if the person has been offering her services for a long time as some people open account just long enough to scam customers and disappear.

2. Trick number 2 to hire outsourcing services: their qualifications.

I cannot tell you how many profiles of people offering their writing skills I have seen that had tons of errors. 

Always ask for an insidious question that would reveal if a person does not have the qualifications. You can research your topic a little and then you would know if a person is just pretending to know what they are talking about.

3. Trick number 3: If you post right, you will get the right person. Many service providers have a copy-paste response that they post on every job offer. If you do not check further, you might feel like this person is qualified when they are not. 

I always put a very specific description in my job offering, When people do not mention it, this means they do not know what it is or their English is not fluent.

4. Trick number 4: always go for unlimited revisions.

Asking for a contract with unlimited revisions is a big guarantee for you as many providers will not get your job right the first time around. It is not always their fault as sometimes what you think is clear could be confusing. 

I like Fiverr because most providers offer unlimited revisions and many times it took a couple of times to get the job right.


I also like Fiverr because the few times it became clear that the person was not qualified to do the task (and would not admit it and would not cancel the project holding on to my money), Fiverr always ruled in my favor.

The only downfall I see is that Fiverr does not reimburse your money, they give you a credit. Well, they are in business

Getting back to posting your project, here are some simple advics: Be as specific as possible in describing what you need. A posting like “I need a website” is not sufficient. Again, you need to know what kind of site you need and what you want to do with it (sell, post pictures, videos, etc). You will then decide how long the bidding will go on. Usually 7 days gives you a good sampling of what is available. Beware that many replies or bids are just text that people send you by doing a copy-paste. A good way to see if the person bidding is responsible is by asking them a simple question. By doing this you will see two things: if they are fast at answering your needs and if their comprehension of English is acceptable.

Resist the temptation to choose the lowest bid as often the person offering it may not be the best to complete your work. 

outsourcing in online marketing

5. Trick number 5: bookmark the providers who seem interesting or the ones who gave you good services.

You might be browsing a freelancer website and see a provider with great reviews and a portfolio that grabs your attention but his services is not what you are looking for. Most outsourcing platform has a book marking feature that you can use.

I have honestly posted some works and cancelled the project by lack of getting any interesting offer.

Frequently, you will realize that people are very enthusiastic and literally beg you to get the project awarded to them…but then do not follow through and provide you with excuses after excuses for not delivering the goods on time.

Timothy, an experienced internet marketer, told me he often awards the project to 3 or 4 bidders and pays all the ones who finish the project and keep the best one. You would be surprised that by his method he often has only one or two person complete the task. It is the sad reality of human nature!

Howie Schwartz, a very good internet marketer often tells me: “I fire people everyday!” and you should be comfortable doing so too.

outsourcing in internet marketing

Another warning I want to give you is to stay away from people who call themselves artists and want to design your site with lots of artistic functions and charge you big bucks for it. Most of these sites are long to open, cost a fortune and cannot even be seen by the search engines robot so you are basically annoying your customer and you are invisible on the web.

That is a big page but this step is one of the most important so take your time to get it right. Good help is hard to find.

After all, most probably you will need to hire more people later on for fulfillment, copywriting, link submission and all S.E.O. functions, customer service, etc, etc.

The Big Internet Marketing Game


   1)  Figure out exactly what you want your web site to be: pages, pictures, do you want to sell products or be an affiliate or just inform people? Do you want to grow with time? etc

   2) Continue  building your website. As you go, your needs will become clearer. I do recommend that you go around www. TheBigInternetMarketingGame.com board at least once because we will reveal many free resources.

3) Click on the Fiverr banner below and go browse the site and see what services they offer and what providers you would consider hiring. Do not forget to bookmark (click on the little heart next to their profile) if you find one that interests you. 



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See you on the next square!

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The Big Internet Marketing Game

The Big Internet Marketing Game