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Internet Marketing Videos


You will often get frustrated with me on this web site as I tell you to do one thing…and then you feel like you don’t know how to do the task…

Allow me to apologize upfront. When I started composing this web site, I felt it would be very simple but then I realized as I got going that I should be talking about this and that and the list gets longer every day.

Anyway, getting back to the problem of not knowing how to accomplish a certain task when you want to, there are two simple solutions. First, you know the answer, you can do a Google search and type in what you need to do like: “converting a word file into PDF” and you will get hundreds of answers, not all valuable I admit. The risk with this approach is also to get sidetracked and lose yourself in the process.

The second solution is to get on screen videos that teach you step-by-step how to accomplish what you want to do. Since such videos exist (pfiou!), I feel like it would take me months if not years to create the complete internet marketing video library my friend and experienced internet marketer Scot Stanke has created.

Video #1 Choosing a good domain name Video #2 Registering your domain name Video #3 Setting up your DNS at 000domains
Video #4 Choosing a web host provider Video #5 Setting up a pop email account Video #6Configuring your pop email account
Video #7 Setting up your signature in outlook express Video #8 Opening and downloading and zipping your own files with winzip Video #9 Using FTP to upload files from your computer server
Video #10 Setting up an account with ClickBank Video #11 Setting up a sales page Video #12 Installing envtest
Video #13 Starting an ezine and installing a perl Video #14 Formatting and delivery of your ezine Video #15 HTML and how it works
Video #16 Beginners HTML, centering text, creating breaks and paragraphs etc Video #17 More HTML, making changes to your text Video #18 More beginners HTML, adding images
Video #19 HTML – Making links and linking images Video #20 HTML – Creating tables, rows and columns Video #21 Using HTML templates quickly and easily
Video #22 Using good keywords for keyword research Video #23 Creating the title tag and meta tags for your website Video #24 Optimizing your website for search engine – keyword density and content
Video #25 Writing ad copy Video #26 Importance of testing your copy Video #27 Submitting your site to the search engines
Video #28 Installing and ad tracking and split testing program Video #29 Using your ad tracking and split testing program Video #30 Creating classified ads
Video #31 Increase your rankings by building your link popularity Video #32 Creating your first ebook Video #33 Compiling your ebook in EXE format
Video #34 Compiling your ebook in PDF format Video #35 Making your EXE ebook brandable Video #36 Making your PDF ebook brandable
Video #37 Running your affiliate program with ClickBank Video #38 Installing a customer support desk Video #39 Using your customer support desk
Video #40 Creating a password protected area of your site Video #41 Adding forms to your site for easy feedback from your visitors Video #42 Installing free blog program
Video #43 Using your blog Video #44 Promoting affiliate programs Video #45 Creating redirects for your affiliate links to shorten them
Video #46 Installing a shopping cart, affiliate and ad tracking system all in one Video #47 Beginner RSS Feeds Video #48 Setting up thank you page and order link with clickbank
Video #49 Setting up thank you page and order link with paypal Video #50 Domain Names @ 123RegCo Video #51 Domain Names @ Drams
Video #52 Domain Names @ eNom Video #53 Domain Names @ Godaddy Video #54 Domain Names @ nameCheap
Video #55 Domain Names @ Namebargain Video #56 Domain Names @ NetSol Video #57 Domain Names @ OpenSRS
Video #58 Domain Names @ RegFly Video #59 Domain Names @ Register Video #60 Fantastico Image Gallery
Video #61 Fantastico B2 Video #62 Fantastico Live Help Video #63 Fantastico Extras
Video #64 Fantastico Invision Video #65 Fantastico Moodle Video #66 Fantastico Noah Class
Video #67 Fantastico OS Commerce Video #68 Fantastico PHP Support Video #69 Fantastico PHP Auction
Video #70 Fantastico PHP BB2 Video #71 Fantastico PHP Links Video #72 Fantastico PHP List
Video #73 Fantastico PHP Nuke Video #74 Fantastico PHP Projekt Video #75 Fantastico PHP Website
Video #76 Fantastico Pmachine Video #77 Fantastico PostNuke Video #78 Fantastico Support Services
Video #79 Fantastico Web Calendar Video #80 Fantastico Xoops Video #81 CuteFTP Config Website
Video #82 CuteFTP Preferences Video #83 CuteFTP Scheduled Transfers Video #84 CuteFTP Transfer Files
Video #85 FlashFTP Setting Account Video #86 FlashFTP Transfer Files Video #87 LeapFTP Setting Preferences
Video #88 LeapFTP Transfer Files Video #89 SmartFTP Configure Sites Video #90 SmartFTP Managing Files
Video #91 WSFTP Configure Video #92 WSFTP Managing Files Video #93 WSFTP Transferring Files
Video #94 WHM Bandwidth Video #95 WHM Create packags Video #96 WHM Email
Video #96 WHM Email Video #98 WHM Manage Hosting Accounts Video #99 WHM Parked Domains
Video #100 WHM Password Protect Video #101 WHM Remote Key Video #102 WHM Server Status
Video #103 WHM Skeleton Directory Video #104 WHM Sub Domains Video #105 WHM Suspend Domain
Video #106 WHM Themes Video #107 x2 Add FTP Video #108 x2 Add On Domain
Video #109 x2 Autoresponder Video #110 x2 Backup Video #111 x2 Email Catchall
Video #112 x2 Contact Info Video #113 x2 Cron Jobs Video #114 x2 Disk Usage
Video #115 x2 eMail Video #116 x2 eMail Address Trace Video #117 x2 eMail Filter
Video #118 x2 Error Pages Video #119 x2 File Manager Video #120 x2 FrontPage
Video #121 x2 Hotlink Video #122 x2 Index Manager Video #123 x2 IP Deny
Video #124 x2 mySql Video #125 x2 Navigating Video #126 x2 Outlook Express
Video #127 x2 Password Video #128 x2 Password Protect Directory Video #129 x2 PHPMyAdmin
Video #130 x2 PHPMyChat Video #131 x2 Raw Log Manager Video #132 x2 eMail Redirect
Video #133 x2 Redirect URL Video #134 x2 Search Engines Video #135 x2 Sub Domains, etc, etc, etc
Upload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.

I greatly respect Scot and admire the fact that although he created a tool that is honestly worth thousands of dollars (and you and I both know that other internet marketers would spoon feed you that material for thousands of dollars…), Scot is offering all these videos for…

You would think 997$?

I would have bought it for 407$!

All right, 97$?

A word of warning here: Once you get those videos, you might feel three emotions:

     – Excitement to have received such precious information for only 47$!
     – A sense of being overwhelmed by all the material included in the package (Scot really put everything you need to see on internet marketing)
     – A sense of loss and not going anywhere if you try to start viewing all the 254 videos!

These reactions are all normal as this would be the equivalent of trying to read the yellow pages from one cover to the other. You would get nowhere and would not end-up accomplishing anything (and not have a web site by the end of the week).

My unsolicitaed advice is to get the Internet Marketing tutorial videos package  and save it to a folder named BIMG ( folder which you can refer to whenever you get stuck on a task you need to accomplish in getting your business up and running.

There is also another great video product to learn how to make money online. These video tutorials were made by Jim Edwards and Yanick Silver, two very successful internet marketers. The added bonus is that they are both very funny. For example, Yanick (who has made a lot of money on the internet) was telling us about his great car that he had bought, the one just like James Bond. He also got a special license plate saying “Spy”. He went on to say: “My wife thinks I am an asshole!” Check out the videos for online profits here

Upload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.


Upload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.

1. Get the internet marketing tutorial videos and browse through it for the rest of the day. Enjoy learning about what really interests you in internet marketing. Save the files on your computer in a document named BIMG-videos. Write down (in a physical book) the link to go back and listen to the tutorial videos when the need arises.
2) You may choose to get Yanick Silver and Jim Edward’s video tutorial to make online profits here.
3) You may choose to treat yourself and expand your internet marketing librairy and get both!

See you on the next square!

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