Just For Fun!


Just For Fun!


The human brain needs to rest and laugh often. I have created a section just to make you think, laugh and enjoy life. Of course, I tried to stay in the internet Marketing topic. I often hear in seminars “treat your internet venture as a BUSINESS not as a hobby. Or else, you will never make money.”

I question that affirmation and I invite you to do so too as the best work is created when a person is enjoying herself and doing what she likes. Yes, there are grounds you have to build your online marketing business on but once that is done, creating the best products and giving the best services can be accomplished while enjoying yourself.

I have heard some great comments and pieces of wisdom during my internet marketing venture. Here are my favorites:

“If Thomas Edison had not invented the lightbulb, you would be watching this webinar in the dark!”                                                                                          – Robby Blanchard, creator of Commission Hero.


“What’s the difference between a pizza and an internet marketer?”
               – The pizza CAN feed a family of four!”      – Brad Fallon

“if you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.”    -Mario Andretti

online business speed


“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”


During one of his seminars, Armand Morin was saying that when someone comes to him and says: “I want more money!”  he shoves a dollar in their hands and says;” You have more money now shut up!”      -Armand Morin, on being specific about your goals


“Big internet marketers are lazy, selfish and they are right!”     -extract from the JV formula course


“Build your well before you get thirsty”.     -Willie Crawford about planning your business ahead


“When you see very successful people, you have to ask them how many years it took them to become an overnight success!”      -Len Thurmond


“A closed mouth gathers no foot.”


“Give the world something to click on and you will get traffic.”     -Harald Anderson

Fun online business

(I love the pear logo on the computer!)

“In affiliate marketing, the saying the whole is greater than the sum of the parts takes all its meaning.”     -Gary Ambrose


“Quitting is not always a sign of weakness. Sometimes, quitting can be a sign of strength.”

“Adwords: a minute to learn, a lifetime to master!”     -Brad Fallon


“It is not lonely at the top. It’s crowded at the bottom. There’s plenty of room at the top.”     -Tony Robbins


“Making money online is like a magic show. Once you know the tricks, it’s simple.”     -John Reese


“How you email to people will make the difference between being either an unwelcomed pest or a welcome guest.”     -Dan Kennedy


“You were not born with a marketing spoon in your mouth.”                                                                                                                                                                -Robby Blanchard, CEO of Commission Hero

Funny online marketing

“The bullshit stops here!”    -an honest internet marketer


Mark Hendricks, an experienced internet marketer, proudly announced during his presentation at a seminar: “I only work half days.” When everyone applauded, he concluded : “I only work half days. Twelve hours!”     -Mark Hendricks


“You have to assume that the average customer is an idiot!”     -Mike Filsaime on customer service


“You have all the knowledge. Just do it!”     -Rick Raddatz


“Make your teaser product (article, e-book…) useful but incomplete.     -Jimmy D Brown


“The first day you launch, your web site will be the worst it’s ever going to be. There is nothing wrong with crap!”     -John Reese


“Every great oak tree started with just a little nut. Lucky for me, I am a little nut!”          -Me


“It doesn’t have to be good, just good enough.”     -Dan Kennedy


“When it comes to building brand awareness for my company, the method that’s worked best has been content marketing. Although it involves a lot of work, and it takes six months to a year for it to be effective, it’s been proven to provide the biggest bang for the buck.” – Neil Patel

content marketing

“I wish I could tell you that becoming a successful AdSense publisher is easy. I wish I could tell you that all you need to do is sign up to AdSense and hey presto… at the end of the week, you’ll be lighting your barbeque with hundred dollar bills and using fine china dishes as Frisbees.But it doesn’t work that way. Optimizing your AdSense units is hard work. And it’s work that never ends.”     -Joel Comm, author of the adsense code


“A watched computer works slower!” -Me


“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
                                                                                                                     ― Steve Jobs


“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”              – Tony Robbins


You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.     -Wayne Gretzky


 “If you don’t have some self-doubts and fears when you pursue a dream, then you haven’t dreamed big enough.”   -Joe Vitale


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“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one.” – Robert Rose


“Google will know that you are hungry for sushi before you do.” – Ben Kunz


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.      – Warren Buffet


 “A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.”-Joe Vitale


“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”  – Derek Bok

education in online marketing

“Call your book volume 1, That will create expectations for volume 2.”    – Willie Crawford


“Your customer does not buy Aspirine. He buys relief from a headache.”


“Your customer does not need a 3 and 1/4 inch drill bit, he needs a 3 and 1/4 inch hole.”

‘Money loves speed. Be the first one.”     – Joe Vitale


 “The key with blogging is to lay it all out there because sooner or later people are going to know what you know, so might as well be the first one to share the information and get credit for it.” – Neil Patel


“If I see one more time Window’s blue spiral, I swear I will scream!”   – Me





“One thing we can all control is effort. Put in the time to become an expert in whatever you’re doing. It will give you an advantage because most people don’t do this.”      – Mark Cuban


“Opportunity is missed by most because it is disguised in overalls and looks like work.”        -Thomas Edison


“When you write, you learn. So blog every day and you will become the expert.”                           -Miles Beckler


“EVERY MINUTE YOU SPEND TRYING TO CUT SOMEONE ELSE’S TREE DOWN, IS A MINUTE YOU SPEND ON NOT GROWING YOURS. “                                                                                                                                                               -Gary Vee

“As long as you are alive, you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s.”                                                                                            -Grant Cardone

“Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth!”                                                                                                                                                                                       -Mike Tyson


I have the chances to be invited to give conferences and at the end of my talk people walk up to me and ask me how I manage to work full time, have four children and forward my internet marketing business all at the same time. My answer might surprise people but actually I use hypnosis and get more done by just using the power of my own mind.


The Big Internet Marketing Game


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See you on the next square!

Queen The Big Internet Marketing Game


P.S. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — not Albert Einstein


The Big Internet Marketing Game

The Big Internet Marketing Game