Squeeze Page/ opt-in form/ landing page/ lead magnet


Squeeze Page/ Opt in/ Landing Page/ Lead Magnet


I must admit that I had no clue what a squeeze page was when I first heard the name back in early 2000 at an internet marketing seminar. I thought the name “squeeze page” was describing the name of the web programming technique meaning that the web programmer had to squeeze the codes into the web site.

A squeeze page had the function of basically “squeeze” out the name and email of people wanting to visit your site. Increasingly, digital marketers are asking for people’s phone number as well to do message marketing.

Blocking your website access to people unless they provide you with their info will only work for celebrities or if you are offering tremendous value.

Getting people’s email so they can get “your newsletter” is dead for regular digital marketers.

hot to create an opt-in form

Some websites have so many pop-ups, opt-in forms and disruptions that people walk away after a few seconds. You should not force your visitors to give you their e-mail.  They will willingly opt-in when and if they are ready.

It is a well known fact that customers are more willing to hand-out their hard-earned money to people they know, like and trust.

If you force people to give you their info, they will opt-out the second they receive their freebie from you.

A squeeze page with a video  has a better conversion rate because people like to see who they are dealing with.

For visitors who have the choice between hundreds if not thousands of products, putting a face, a voice and a name on the product helps get their trust. To them, you are not just another greedy person trying to make a quick buck.

By being able to express yourself and connect with your potential customers, you are able to provide some of that personal touch lost on the internet.

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1) Create your opt-in form using one of many WordPress plug ins.

You can create your own squeeze page and add audio or video and a picture of yourself to it, thus adding credibility to your web site.

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In conclusion, I have a little treat just for you. Since there is no opt-in page on this web site, since there is no “about us” page neither, I have created a little welcome page for all the people who have made it up to here. Click here to see and hear me.

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The Big Internet Marketing Game



The Big Internet Marketing GameThe Big Internet Marketing Game