Selling Your Own Products

Selling Your Own Products


There are many products you can sell on the internet. Actually, you can buy almost everything on the web, including some very doubtful products or services. You, of course, will always offer good quality products.

Some people have made a fortune selling physical products through the internet. You can choose to do drop shipping and never deal with the product management per se. This means you just relay the orders to the seller and get a good commission.

The advantage of such a marketing strategy is that you do not have the stress of dealing with many employees, the burden of taking care of shipments and customs, etc, etc. On the other hand, a person who sells directly to the customer usually gets a higher commission as she eliminates the middle man.

I have personally decided that I want my life to get simpler not more complicated and do not want to have to deal with importing directly from China or other countries.

Selling digital products has helped many internet marketers make their first million on the internet. With the advent of audio and video popularity growing fantastically, new audio and video products have been mushrooming. This trend is one that will stay for a while as most cell phones will soon be equipped with an internet connection in the near future.

How does one write an e-book? How does one create a cool video or audio product? Where can a person find the material to create or sell an e-book or podcast for a reasonable price when starting in the internet marketing business?

If you are an expert in your own niche, creating an e-book or actually uploading a book you have already written will be easy. If you are teaching people in your niche or coaching people, it will also be very easy to record yourself thus creating an information packed video or audio that your customer will be happy to buy.

When writing an e-book, you will need to convert it into a PDF document because Word documents tend to shift and can be changed. Some people will try to sell you a PDF converter for hundreds of dollars but there is a FREE program that does it for you. You can download Open Office, an open source software, here: The beauty of this program is that it is very easy to use. Once you have created a written document, you only need to click on the PDF function and “Voilà!” you have a PDF file.

It is a good thing to always save your written document not only the PDF version of it. Hence, if you see a typo (and believe me there will be typos) or want to change the text, you can change it and re-do a new PDF document. If you are stuck with just a PDF document and need to change the text in it, there are programs that will allow you to re-convert your PDF into a word document. These programs usually sell for 30$ or less.

What happens though if you are not the expert in your field but still want to sell products? Two options are offered to you:

1) You can either become an affiliate for someone who has a great product on this topic. Let’s face it, you cannot learn everything about everything and people are willing to pay you for your research work as long as they get good value. You can find good affiliate products by going to Clickbank or doing a search for what you are looking for and the word affiliate on internet. You can also go back to the square about affiliate marketing on the board game.

2) You can also hire a ghostwriter to write your e-book. This solution is sometimes frustrating as people tend to procrastinate and not deliver the product on time.
(Funny story here: I sell self-hypnosis recordings to help people with whatever problem they have at One day, I received an e-mail from a person asking me if I had a self-hypnosis recording for people who tend to procrastinate. I answered YES!…end of story. I never heard back from the person.)

3) The third solution is to use PLR (private label rights products) and sell them. These products are usually of good quality, have been written by good writers and you own the rights to use them and change them any way you want. There are some rights (master resell rights) that allow you to re-sell the rights and make even more money.

4) I had subscribed to a very thorough PLR service and wanted to offer you good products on how to write e-books and how to use private label rights stuff to create e-books and make money so I dug in the huge file I had downloaded.

5) As I was trying to sort out all the products I could offer (and most of the suggested retail prices were 37$ a piece), I got uncomfortable. That was a lot of money to spend to get the info.

The other problem I had was that so many products seemed to be valuable (there were some e-books, videos of good quality) and I realized that most of you do not need the same things and most of you will not use the same strategies.

My head was spinning.

6) I then decided to offer you one thing: the entire package!. You might decide that this holds no value to you and I will be happy because this means you know where you are going (I have not bought an internet marketing product in over one year…and still counting).The Big Internet Marketing Game




1) See if you have your own product of value to offer to your visitors. It could be a book you already have written and want to re-package as an e-book.

2) If you need a PDF converting program, download open office now and play with it for a while. You will realize it highly looks like a program you already know. Visit:

3) Whenever you are giving a seminar or a conference, consider recording or videotaping yourself and creating a product with the content.

4) Click on the image to see the entire package of PLR products that I did not want to separate and that can enable you to create your own products for pennies.

Internet Marketing Rocks!

See you on the next square!



The Big Internet Marketing Game



The Big Internet Marketing Game