Do Not Go To Jail

Do Not Go To Jail


I will of course start this page with a disclaimer stating that you should always consult the proper legal assistance, get your financial advice from a skilled accountant and see your doctor for all health related issues. In short, the opinions stated on this page and on this entire web site are for your amusement only and it is your sole responsibility to seek the proper professional opinions for your concerns. web site cannot be held responsible for any problems you are encountering in your life and or business. By staying on this site, you are agreeing to its terms of service and legal disclaimers.

This being said, there are a few things you need to know when starting web sites and an internet marketing business if you want to stay out of trouble.

1) It is a very wise decision to separate your family owning from your internet marketing business. Internet marketing can be costly to begin with and there are also risks of losing money. In your internet marketing venture, always make sure your family’s basic needs are met (housing, transportation, vacation money, etc) before you invest in your business.

2) When doing research on the net or the library, make sure you always respect the copyrights of the owner of either texts, pictures, video or audio material, etc. A friend of mine had to pay thousands of dollars because one of his webmasters posted a picture that he did not own the rights to on his websites. Always make sure if you outsource work that the person who does the work has created original content that is not infringing any copyright laws. The bottom line is that the owner of the site (YOU) will be the one getting in trouble for what other people do on your website.

3) There will always be people who are looking for a way to scam you and get your hard-earned money. These people are luckily rare but you have to protect yourself from their greediness.

The question is where can you find relevant disclaimers for your sites? Do you need to pay a lawyer astronomical amount of money just to get started?

Click here to read and hear what Stephen Pierce has to say about legal matters in the internet business and what solutions he has to offer.


If you have not read the Stephen Pierce’s interview, do it now! (Click here)

Of course, you will need a good attorney if you are in doubt or when your internet businesses get bigger to protect yourself.

There are many ways you can protect yourself and your family from financial problems. Incorporating a company such as a LLC can be a solution. Such options need to be discussed with your attorney and accountant and are way beyond the scope of this web site.The Big Internet Marketing Game



1) Browse the internet and go on web sites and notice their disclaimers, legal terms of service and privacy policies. Notice their content and take note of what you need.

2) If you have not done so already, Click here to see Stephen Pierce’s interview on legal matters for internet marketers. If you get the Autoweblaw pro package, open it right away and browse what you need. Do not let it gather dust on your hard drive. This is all about taking action right NOW!


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