Find Your Niche

Finding Your Niche

The Big Internet Marketing Game


The internet marketing game has its own language. NICHE is one of those words that internet marketers like to show off.

Determining the market you want to go into will be the most important step you will have to take. Missing this one, will cost you time and money like you could not imagine!

The World Wide Web (affectionately called www) is as vast as the human imagination
and growing at an alarming rate (I would not be surprised to see a general crash happen in a near future!).

Anyway, finding what market you want to tap into is a very important decision. Most savvy and experienced marketers recommend that you start with a market you have knowledge in. Hence, if you are skilled in astronomy, you can share your knowledge with the rest of the world on your web site.

Find your niche to make money online

It is not sufficient anymore to just choose a broad market like “golf” and think that people will come running to your web site. Honestly, you would be running (let’s do a small Google search for “golf” in June 2020) with 2.1 billions other sites. The odds of your golf site getting any traffic are near zero.

You will need to target more your message and your audience. Let’s say you are a retired soldier who relearned to play golf after suffering a leg injury. That could be a good niche.You could create a simple WordPress website (more on that in a few squares), get a domain name like (I did not check if that name was available), create some videos , write articles and maybe find other programs to promote and you would have a valid internet business. You could even decide to sell it and go play golf!

Golf online business

There are internet marketers out there who provide very complicated rules and ways to find your niches (by the way, niches is just a snob way of saying market!) like checking the monthly overture searches and comparing with the competition on a Google search, etc

Honestly, if you have a market you are passionate about, you are willing to build the best authority web site on it (which we will teach you how) and then nurture it with updated content, the odds are good you will succeed!

All right, let’s say you have a burning desire to get into the internet marketing game but have a very poor imagination. There are ways to find niches (markets) that you can build an authority site on and dominate the market. Such ways include:

  • In any airport, stop at the magazine stands or store and look around. If a market is big enough to have a magazine for it, it is big enough to have a web site about it.
  • Take a free afternoon, and just look on See their most popular products.
  • Miles Beckler is one of the few very successful blogger and video marketer and he is very generous in giving info in his Youtube channel. You can see his suggestions of 55 niches popular in 2022 here: 
  • Look, listen and learn: if it’s big enough to be on tv or talked about, it’s a market.

Here is your ice bucket moment:

95% of people trying to make money online will fail.

The other 5% who is making good money online is selling for the most part to the other 95%.

The analogy of the Gold rush and the only people making money were the ones selling tools to the gold minors applies so well to the internet.

Failure in online business

The biggest factors responsible for all those failures are:

  1. Lack of focus: jumping form one program tot he next. This is what we call in the online business “the shinny object syndrome” and the 5% are banking on it promising all kinds of snake oil.
  2. Lack of knowledge: there is a huge learning curve and some marketers like to make it more complicated. You have to chose one method and stick to it.
  3. Wrong choice of niche. That is the purpose of this page. You can waste a lot fo time if you enter a niche you know nothing about. Take a piece of paper and write what you are good at.

One trick I like is imagine if you were at a cocktail party and you met a new person. What would you be talking about? Well, that is your niche.

By the way, your niche can certainly be your job. BY working from 9 to 5, you have developed an expertise that could be very useful to people.

Once you have your list of your niche, sleep on it. You might be surprised that by morning you could end-up with a different niche altogether.

One thing is for sure, you should have fun developing your online business that is why you need to be sure of your niche.

The good news is that once you have your niche, the ice bucket will look like this.

niche marketing in online business


Your way of doing business will be way more different if you are on the internet just to show your site to your immediate family or if you want to build a multi-million dollar enterprise that you will sell later and retire on a desert island with your loved one.

There are hundreds of internet businesses being sold on the internet daily, some of them for millions of dollars. If you are planning to build your internet business later on, you will need to keep regular bookkeeping of all statistics and expenses.

Honestly, if you give in and buy all those “ready made web sites”, the odds are very high you will not get anywhere. These templates are sold to hundreds if not thousands of people at the same time and the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) just ignore them.

P.s. Honestly, I mentioned MSN and Yahoo but Google is the big player.

Here comes the bad news: “if you want to succeed in the internet marketing you will need to put in the work.”…at least in the beginning!

Because the fourth and most important reason people fail in internet marketing is:

4) They give up too soon. It takes a least 6 to 12 months to build a solid online business and nurture it and most people give up after a couple of months.


The Big Internet Marketing Game


Take the rest of the day (or more) to define your specific niche (or market) that you want to get into. Be as specific as possible. Do not settle for a broad niche like “golf” but go for the more targeted niche like “left-handed Florida golfer” and dominate the market!

This step will determine your overall success in internet marketing and deserves all your attention. If you feel like you have not leveled it, ask your friends and family. They will tell you what you are passionate about. This should be your dominant market.

A simple trick to find your niche is to ask yourself if you met me at an internet marketing convention what would you talk to me about?


See you on the next square!

The Big Internet Marketing Game



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