Blogging and blog

Blogging and Blog


Blogs are short for web logs (according to Wikipedia). In short, a blog is like a journal with entries in chronological order, the most recent one being on top. The importance of having a blog comes from many things:

1) They are easy to set-up. You or your webmaster just have to log in your c-panel and click on the Fantastico function and then click on the      Wordpress blog function and follow the steps to activate it.

          2) Once the blog is activated, you can post fresh content and do not need to have a webmaster upload any file.

          3) Search engines love blogs as they offer fresh content. Blogs are known to be spidered frequently when they have new postings.

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 4) Blogs can accept comments. This way, your readers are contributing to the content of the blog (although I find there are more spammers comments       then anything else. I also see a lot of blog owners wasting time, energy and emotions answering mean commentaries from readers).

 5) Blogs can have either products, affiliate links, adsense ads, links to web sites on them. They are then a great way to get targeted traffic to see your       offers.


That was the good news. The bad news is that there are millions upon millions of blogs on the web right now (and that number is growing exponentially). Having just a blog will not get your hordes of people throwing money at you. You will need to drive traffic to your blog(s) and post regular content on them so that the search engines favor them.

There are different opinions on whether a blog should be hosted on your web site or if you should use a blog service. In doubt, do both! What you have to look for when investing your time in creating and writing a blog outside of your web site, is the popularity of the web site (page ranking). Blogs on such popular places as Myspace, Blogger, Squidoo (which is actually called a lense), e-bay can provide good links back to your web site. You, of course, need to put a link back to your web pages on the blog when you are writing.

Blogs need to be attractive to the user. Hence, pictures, videos or recorded material are all positive elements.

There are many blog hosting companies and many blog software (but the most common one used is WordPress). WordPress is free and can either be hosted on your site or theirs.

It is recommended that you post frequently on your blog so you get fresh content and get spidered by the search engines. Rest assured, you do not need to log in your blog every  night and write fresh content. There is a function on most blogs where you can use a poststamp and write let’s say 52 entries. You can then set the entries to be posted at the rate of one per week for an entire year…and go to the Bahamas!

There are many other plug-ins that you can use on your blog but there is one that you cannot do without: an anti-spammer one. For WordPress, the plug in is called “Askimet” and will filter most of the spam comments (ads for certain medications or certain sites).

internet marketing business money work at home successWhen I started a blog and did not have the Askimet filter, I had over 50 spam postings per day!.

Another very important aspect of blogging is that you have to social bookmark your entries to add attention to them. After all, at any given time there are millions of people blogging in the world. Again, there are plug-ins you can add to your site that will tag and ping your blog entries.

There is also the function called RSS to blog where a software basically searches the news in the category you previously set and it automatically posts the relevant news on your site.

internet marketing business money work at home successAlthough, this function might be tempting the fact that some people have abused it in the past has made it way less interesting and it should be used in a very moderate way.

I realize that you will come out of this page frustrated and confused by the lack of details I have provided here. Remember, this site is for internet marketing beginners.

Entire e-books and courses have been written about blogging.

The important thing is that you take action now and start blogging.


internet marketing business money work at home success1) Set-up (or have your webmaster set-up for you) a blog on your web site TODAY.

2) You can also, open a free account at TODAY or Create a free blog at WordPress as this blog will give you links to your website from the wordpress site which is good.

3) Do not get stuck with the header and fancy stuff. Just write postings and get going.

4) Right after, send a friendly email to your true friends inviting them to visit your blog. Do not bother people who couldn’t care less about you, honestly.

5) Blog some more.

6) Activate the anti-spam function on your blog.

7) Explore the automated feature that allows you to program entered postings to be released on later days.

8) Consider the many plug-ins available that could help your blog gain in popularity. Search a plug-in is called It is free, can be installed on your blog and      people can click on the links let’s say to Digg and bookmark your site. This way, you get a link from Digg to your blog. This tool is free and it also shows you SOME of the      social bookmarking sites available (there are again so many more).

9) Subscribe to the web site. Again, it is free. This way, whenever you write a post on your blog, you can ping it yourself and get some recognition.

10)If you only do the following action calls, you are on a very good track. If you are interested in creating many blogs and want to automate most of the process, you might       consider looking at this tool:

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Internet Marketing Rocks!

See you on the next square!

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