Working At Home Mom

Working At Home Mom


Many women have chosen to stay home and take care of their loved ones. They might feel the desire to work from home whether it be to earn extra cash or just do something else than taking care of the household.

The internet has opened numerous possibilities for the work-at-home mothers around the world.

internet marketing business money work at home successEvery mother wishing to start an internet business should be very cautious and selective on what type of business she goes into. There are numerous scams on the internet and work-at-home mothers can be an easy target for them, promising them fortune and fame.

Beware of any program that asks you to put money upfront. They are probably after your money. The other red signal you should get are programs promising you to get rich quickly, without effort. Your “too good to be true” alarm should always be on.

internet marketing business money work at home success

Once you are ready to put in the effort, you can either choose to work for yourself or do some work for a person who hires you. Both of the two ways have pros and cons and only the work-at-home mother is best placed to decide what is best for her and her family.

Upon deciding to become a work-at-home-mom, you should sit down and consider many important elements:

1) Do you have free time during the day to devote to your business?

2) Is your family and/or spouse supportive of your project?

3) Do you have a good computer (or phone if you want to do customer support only)?

internet marketing business money work at home success4) Do you have the required skills or do you know how to be successful at what you want to do?

5) What is your clear goal in starting such a business? (be precise: “making money” is not specific enough).

6) Is this for long term of short term?

7) What other question should you be asking yourself before you start?

internet marketing business money work at home success

All right! You are ready and fired-up to start your internet marketing business.

Where do you start?

Simple: to the first square on the board game. Beware again, of the temptation of going on the internet and get lost in work-at-home-mom’s forum and chat sites and not get your work progressing.

Here are a few tips I would like to share with you (being a mother of four) and working at home after my regular work:

1) Invite your children and family to participate in what you are doing. Hence, the picture on my web site: was taken by my daughter when she           was 10 years old. We had fun taking it as we were doing like in the Austin Powers movie, clicking and saying “Yah, baby!” I get many ideas, some great, some ok, some      really bad. I often run my ideas by my children because I know they will give me their honest (and sometimes blunt) opinion.

2) Have a quiet place where you can work and have an eye on the household. If your children are old enough explain what you are doing and have them commit to give you      special quiet working time. You will get so much accomplished.

3) Brag about all your realizations and be proud. It is a common tread for women to undervalue their work (I know I am the president of that club). By setting your own           prices, you might fall into the bigger trap of underestimating the true value of your work.

4) Allow yourself resting periods between the mother role and the worker role. Again, as women we tend to suffer from the Wonderwoman syndrome and feel guilty for     sitting down and enjoy relaxation time (again, I am the president of that club too!)

5) If your children are old enough, have them participate more in the daily household tasks. After all, it is their dirty dishes, laundry and garbage too! The same goes for      your spouse.

internet marketing business money work at home success

Working-at-home mothers sometimes can suffer from the isolation they are put in. Choosing to go to an internet marketing seminar can be a great thing to learn new skills and bond with like-minded people.

There is a square on the gameboard called “Let’s go to a seminar!” which explains what to look for in a live event.



internet marketing business money work at home success  1) If you have not done so, decide if you want to start a home-based business. Be honest in putting the pros and cons.

  2) Evaluate what you need to be successful in your business: skills, material, confidence, etc

  3) Define what your interest will be: do you want to work for someone? Do you want to be your own boss?

  4) Start on the “Go” square on this site and do the step-by-step process and start building your internet marketing business TODAY.

Good Luck!

See you on the next square!

internet marketing business money work at home success



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