Let’s Go To A Seminar

Let"s Go To A Seminar


All right, so you now have targeted your market, registered one or more domain names, have a good hosting company and have pages uploaded on your website either on a blog or regular pages. You might even have sold some affiliate products already!

If you do not have all the above, please click on the go back button at the bottom of this square and take the appropriate action calls NOW!


For those of you who are still there, it’s time to reward ourselves: time to go to an internet marketing seminar. Rest assured, I will not shove down your throat some salesletter inviting you to the “best seminar” ever. Like I mentioned before, I don’t know at what level you are and not all internet marketing seminars are for everyone. At any given point during the year, there are numerous internet seminars offered.

Attending an internet marketing seminar will benefit you in many ways:

     1) You will have the pleasure of meeting people that have the same interest as you do and speak the same language (let’s be honest and admit that          99% of your friends and family just think you are a weird dreamer implicated in a fishy organization).

     2) You will learn new techniques that successful people are using to improve their internet businesses (if you are attending a good seminar that is!). After all,the internet          is changing at a very rapid pace and you need to keep up to date on the latest trends.

     3) You will be able to connect with people and set-up joint ventures (mutual business agreements) where the person can sell your products or your can sell their          products or many other kinds of arrangement.

    4) A word of warning now! Some internet marketing seminars are nothing else than a major “sales pitch festival”. Hence, you are just presented with         incomplete information and then the rest of the 50 minutes in the hour is a pressure sale to buy their products. You do not need most if not all of         these products. Resist the temptation to buy all those products that you most probably do not need. Some speakers will be good at telling you that         you are going to regret it for the rest of your life if you do not buy their product. This is just bull!

   5) That being said internet marketing seminars are a great way to improve your online business.

Last year, I had decided to “tour” the internet marketing seminar circuit and attended 12 seminars dedicated to online businesses. If you were expecting a good juicy review of the seminars, you will be disappointed as the internet marketing family is a rather small one and I don’t want to antagonize anyone in this business.

Anyway, there are numerous factors you should consider when planning to go to an internet marketing seminar.

Here are a few:


1) The price: internet marketing seminars vary from 0$ to over 10 000$. Most free or low cost seminars are relying on the back room sale  (products that often you do not need) to make their money. BEWARE of these seminars. I have seen people spending way over 20 000$ in useless products and services at these seminars. The products will not make you any money. You will make your own fortune. Nobody else.

2) Who are the speakers: Are they people you trust and know or pure strangers? Are their markets and marketing techniques     similar to yours? Although it might be interesting to hear how Joe Millionaire is making tons of money importing products from     China and having 200 employees, this might have nothing to do with what you want to accomplish.

3) Where is it located? You might travel all the way across the globe but then find out that there was a great seminar taking place one hour away from your house the next month.

4) The reputation of the people organizing the seminar. If a seminar has been around for years, it stands good chances that it is a well-organized      one.

5) The size of the attendance for the seminar. I have found that I got way more information from smaller workshops as attendees have time to ask their questions and really get good information.

6) Although I said I would not name names, I can certainly name names I recommend. I got good value out of these internet marketing seminars (in     random order):

    – Howie Schwartz often hosts small workshops on how to get traffic to your web site(s). These are great and I got priceless information.

    – JV formula live is a good way to network with other internet marketers (often beginners or intermediate ones).

    – Armand Morin’s Big Seminar has been around for a long time and gathers a good crowd.

    – I found Yannick Silver’s underground seminar to be very interesting.

    – Joel Comm is a great speaker. If you have a chance to hear him, you will not regret it.

    – I went all the way to China to hear John Reese speak (that’s how much I value his knowledge). If I got to share his wisdom is a different story…

    – Mark Hendrix has a very good ISS system and often hosts really free (no sales pitch) seminars. This is a name you can trust.

I have attended some very crappy ones also, which I will not name here.

There are many other internet marketing seminars out there. If I did not talk about the one you are considering, there are two possibilities: I either did not attend it (most probable) or I attended it and do not recommend it. Yours to figure!

Ok! So you are all fired-up to go to your very first internet marketing seminar. You have chosen one and are eager to learn all new stuff and mingle with new friends.

Here are my unsolicited tips on how to get the maximum out of your internet marketing seminar:

+ Come well-rested (oups! I often arrive dead beat…) because some speakers over-deliver and these are intense days that sometimes go well beyond the announced schedule.

+ Bring two note pads of different colors. The first notepad will be for your regular note taking. The second one will be your action pad where you will note    all the concrete actions you will take for your online business. When I attend a seminar, I often go to my hotel room in the evening and email my    webmaster about all the new things I want to implement right away (does that make me a nerd?).

+ Re-read your notes in the evening and mark new action calls you want to do in your second notepad. If you get all excited during the seminar and take notes and feel like you will become a millionaire by Monday morning but do not take action right away, nothing will happen. The fresher the content, the more valuable it will be to you.

+ Do not bring your credit cards to internet marketing seminars. If you buy products or courses, more often than not you will just get side-tracked and lose precious time and money. I like very much Howie Schwartz because although he is the creator of many products, he often says in his workshops: ”I don’t want you to buy anything. You don’t need it, even if it’s my own products!” That’s honesty you don’t see often.

+ Bring a lot of business cards. A person gave me a trick I found very interesting – you should have your picture on your business cards. I cannot tell you how often I came back from an internet marketing seminar with a stack of people’s business cards only to realize I have no idea which one out of the 7 Johns I had met John Smith was. I also advise you to use caution in giving away your business cards as many people will try to bother you endlessly by trying to sell you stuff you do not want with repeated emails.

+ Although most people attending an internet marketing seminar are drooling over the speakers, the real stars are often sitting right next to you in    the audience. Often, the internet marketing salesletter promises you get to “hang around” with the rich and famous from the internet marketing. More often than not the    speakers take off together and do not give the time of day to the “small attendees”. There are exceptions, but too often I have seen internet marketing seminar attendees    disappointed to be “disst” that way when they were expecting to buddy-up with their favorite marketer. Here is a little well-known secret: many big internet marketers (the    so-called “Gurus”) have better writing skills than people skills. This means that you can be disappointed to realize that the person who was “personally” inviting you to the    seminar (alongside thousands of other people) does not care the least bit about you. That should not bother you as like I said the real stars are in the audience.

+ Going to an internet marketing seminar can be a very good occasion to form a mastermind group with people who are at the same level you are (or better yet, a little more    advanced). By forming such an accountability group, you will be able to share precious information and further your online businesses. I have received more information and value out of my mastermind group than most internet marketing products or seminar I bought that promised me the sun and the moon.

This page is getting too long, so


For those of you offended by the image of our action call, here are my thoughts:

1) This picture represents the average internet marketing woman: a woman of action who feels good about herself!

2) Enough with the crap (LOL): we all know that, for now, there are four to five times more men attending internet marketing seminars than women, so this is a not-so subliminal way to get you interested!

Back to the action call: Ask around or browse the internet to find a good internet marketing seminar that will provide you with the new business relations and techniques you need. Enjoy!

See you on the next page or at an internet marketing event (although I have cut down a lot).


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