Article (content) Marketing

Article (content) marketing

Article Marketing


Article marketing is a strategy that can get you tons of targeted and free recurrent traffic.

As your internet marketing business grows, you will look into new ways to get valuable links and traffic to your web site. Some of the ways we mentioned earlier are posting videos or podcasting. There is another complete square on this board game dedicated to getting links. I can tell you upfront I am not a big fan of those people selling links that would last a couple of months or a year from their PR5, 6, 7 or8 web sites for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They are just ripping you off. Again, I hear the screaming in the back from experienced marketers saying they bought such links to get high ranking fast and that I know nothing…to which I answer: “Get off my site, site is for beginners only!

Seriously, if you want to get permanent quality high rank links, you can do so by posting articles on article directories. You will not get a ton of hungry visitors like they say by posting one or two articles of course. If you go to one of the most popular article directory at can have access to their expert authors page and see who is doing article marketing strategies. If you look closely on this page, there are only three names that you really want to pay attention to:


1) The number one author is called Lance Winslow and he has over 11 111 articles on file. Out of curiosity, I have contacted Lance by e-mail because I am always fascinated by people who succeed beyond everyone else.

I have had the immense privilege to co-author an e-book with Lance and I now know why he is such a success. His mind is pure genius and he works like nobody I have seen. By the way, he let me use the material from the e-book to create articles as he “had too many links already!”


2) The other name I want you to focus on is…mine: Nathalie Fiset with 790 articles. All right I am under the middle-fold of the page but still on the first page. Did I write all these 790 articles you ask? Of course not! Article writing is something you can outsource. I will tell you below how to do it. In my defense, I did write more than half of the 790 articles and if you read them all, you will recognize my style very easily.

3) The third name you want to notice is Tim Gorman’s. He is on the top 10 expert authors. I have had the chance to meet Tim at an internet marketing seminar and was conquered by his humble yet powerful style. He was totally dominating the article marketing strategy! I now invite you to listen to these two small videos of him talking about article marketing strategy. You will notice the military background he has and the way he systemizes everything. I wished I was that much organized! Grab a popcorn, sit back and relax, we are going to the movies.

The next video is also about article marketing and is quite short (Here is an interesting fact: I was in the first row during that presentation!)

The interesting part of all this is that Tim is able to make a very decent income from his internet marketing venture while still working full time in the US army. Hey! Wait a second! I am still working full time and am a single mother of four making a very decent income in my internet marketing venture.

Seriously, Tim is a great speaker and I have heard his talk about article marketing four times. It’s as good as that. Furthermore, he is a very generous person and I have seen him late at night answering people’s questions even though he was right down exhausted. If you have a chance to hear or talk to Tim in person, I highly encourage you to do so. As a matter of fact, you can have a free access to his special report on article marketing here right now: Don’t forget to come back though because your success is all about focus!

All right, I have convinced you to write articles and submit them to article directories. Are there two simple steps to follow in order to achieve that you ask?
Yes, there are:

1) First you need to write articles or have them written: If you want to write them, you can either open a Word document and start typing or you can hire someone to write the article for you. I often use the service of Articlealliance as Jess Baylon is really committed to provide you with good quality articles. If you use his service, tell him I sent you. When outsourcing article writing, you need to be as specific as you can about what the article will be about, its title, its keywords and what its purpose is (directing traffic to what web site, etc). The more precise you will be, the better the article will be.

2) Then you will need your article submitted to article directories. Watch out! Article directories are mushrooming like you would not believe (as a matter of fact you could open your own today) and many have deadly viruses or use your article for their own good and do not respect your links and will actually use your submitted material for their own good. (Come on! Don’t look so surprised! You knew there are tons of crooked people out there). I know many successful internet marketers who only submit their articles to and get great traffic and links from that. The director of Ezinearticles is Chris Knight (I say director but he might be the owner or something else, let’s call him “The Big Cheese” if you would) is very honest and post your articles as you want them. All articles submitted to Ezinearticles are reviewed so you cannot try to fool them.

All right! I thought this page would be short and sweet: article marketing works! Posting articles sets you as the expert and you get valuable links and targeted visitors who liked your articles.

In short, article marketing can provide you with free repeated traffic and thus passive income for a long period.

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1) Write articles on your niche right now. A simple rule of thumb is that if you can fill a whole page, you got yourself an article.

2) If you are not good at writing, you can record yourself while explaining to a potential customer what your product or service is about. Such programs as Dragon Naturally Speaking can write in words what you are saying but you need to “train” it to recognize your voice.

3) Consider hiring someone to write your articles. A good way to do this is to invite your writer to go to your web site and write in her (his) own words what she understood of the web site.

4) Submit your articles to directories. You can either choose to do so manually but that can time consuming. You can also decide to use such a service as article submitter which will submit your article to many directories at the click of a button (I know I use this service): Click here to visit article submitter:

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The Big Internet Marketing Game




The Big Internet Marketing Game