Internet Marketing Game: GO!

Making Money Online: GO!

The Big Internet Marketing Game

Congratulations! You are now ready to start making money online and get a crack at earning passive income from your internet business. On this site you will find simple tools and information that will allow you to easily and rapidly start building your presence online.

But, here is the depressing part, there are over 1.7 billion websites right now competing against yours. So, forget the saying “built it and they will come”, building the website will be the easy part. Getting your star noticed out of the milky way will be the challenge! But we will cover that too.

This web site is intended for people who are starting in the internet marketing business. If you are an advanced marketer, there are plenty of forums where you can go and debate the latest theories on making money online (yawn!). digital marketing online yawn



You will be provided with simple and often free tools  Forget all the costly thousand dollar courses that get you nowhere. Here you will find a step-by-step, easy-to-follow way of getting your website up and running and start receiving honest and well-deserved money.

Most of the tools I suggest are either FREE or very low cost. 😜

To be honest though, the one thing people do not realize when they consider starting an online business is that in order to be successful, it takes hard work, a ton of hard work.

Furthermore, 95% of people starting in digital marketing end-up losing money because they quit too soon or did not follow-through and kept jumping from one product to the other.

The top 13 FREE great tools a digital marketer needs


        Toll#1. In case you have a file to zip/unzip, instead of paying 39$ for Winzip (which used to be free), just download 7zip. It is good for zipping and unzipping files. You can download it here:

          Tool#2.  If you are short on dough and cannot afford Windows Office, you can get OpenOffice which is free and completely legal (it is an open source project). You can download it here: You can also save your documents into a PDF which is very convenient.

    Tool#3.  In case you want to play around with screen capture but cannot afford Camtasia, you can get Camstudio for free (has some flaws)


another free screen capture tool is OBS. There is a learning curve. You can download it here for free:

         Tool#4. You can get tons of free, royalty free images from Pixabay. They have over 1.8 million images so you can get around. They do try to tempt you with their repeated suggestions for their paying counterpart named Shutterstock but you have plenty to work with in Pixabay.

          Tool#5. If you need to work with audio (for your podcast or other), Audacity is free and is a great tool:

           Tool# 6. Of course, for website building WordPress is the number one tool. You are on a WordPress site right now. If you look at the homepage of you will see that we are far from the typical blog looking with recent posts in the middle and archives on the right. I know the squares are not all aligned perfectly… and so am I!

        Tool# 7. For a free anti-virus software for your computer, AVG is what I recommend:

       Tool# 8. For outsourcing, I recommend Fiverr. Fiverr used to be completely free and now they charge a 2$ fee per gig which is still very affordable.


        Tool#9. If you need to convert a file into another format Zamzar is good. especially from Epub to PDF (more on that in the square called “your Books”

       Tool#10.  If you want to remove the background on a picture, Lunapic works well:

There are many other websites offering to remove the background but many are just full of ads or viruses.

       Tool#11. If you want to draw and design,  Autodesk Sketchbook pro is free:

I also like paint 3D but Windows has decided to let it die of old age.😒

      Tool#12. If you want to create free meme, creation for internet marketing




By the way to get free emojis like the cute one above, if you are using Windows, you just click the Windows symbol key and the coma key at the same time on your keyboard and voilà!- for the other providers go to for instructions)

      Tool #13 is an online image creator with lots of templates for thumbnails, banners, Pinterest® pins etc. They have a free version which is very sufficient and a paid version. You can create unlimited images and banners with the free version. 

Throughout The Big Internet Marketing Game you will be informed of the free tools that are available. Feel free to send me a message if you have resources you would like to share. 

sharing online marketing resources

Feel free to go around the web site and not follow any specific order as everyone is not at the same level and do not have the same needs.

At the same time, if you are brand new to internet marketing and doing business online, it would make sense to follow the board on the homepage. Each page ends in a link to the homepage.

Not long ago, I was beginning in the internet marketing business and I wished I had found a site that offers all that is going to be offered on “ site.

I do not plan on talking down any internet marketing products as the internet marketing group is a rather small family. You already know by now that there are a lot of scams on the internet and I know too as I have wasted many of my hard earned dollars in useless products. In retrospect, I now realize that the only good thing about these products was the Sales letter.Sales letter in digital marketing



Why a board game, Nathalie?

When I was young and even since I became a mother, playing board games never really interested me. After all, once the game is over, you just fold the board and move along.

With the internet marketing game, you get a real chance of playing and winning for real money. The internet  allows online marketers  to make money and help people from the first week That is a fun game!

The other beautiful thing about the internet is that you have the ability to reach so many people at once. Its power also resides in the fact that once you set your product or your information, it is available day and night to everyone.

Make money while sleeping

I do medical missions in third world countries and I can attend sometimes over 100 people in one day. It can be hard to repeat the same thing 100 times and give your 100%. With internet marketing, you set it once, adjust it and people get to benefit from it over and over. Everybody wins!

You can avoid all those mistakes and time wasting. You will get valuable information and tools to get your internet marketing business up and running.


You can download an image of The Big Internet Marketing Game board  here and post it in front of you and check the squares as you finish them.

The Big Internet Marketing Game


This website is a work in progress. Please feel free to send me details of what you need or want to hear about and I will add it to the site.

Why 3D cliparts all over Nathalie?  ClipartsAlthough they repeat at internet marketing conferences and webinars that you should treat your internet marketing venture as a business, you should have fun doing it as life is only as much fun as you make it!

We are at the dawn of exciting times and the internet is definitely here to stay and is expected to grow exponentially in the near future. If you are interested in making money and building assets that have the potential to bring you money for years to come then you need to be on the web.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Having a step-by-step plan is also a sure way to attain your goal.

The beauty of internet marketing is that you can work from anywhere around the world and/or in your pajamas.

work at home in pajamas


Every page will end in a specific call to action for you. By taking action, you will be able to follow through and get your internet business going.

Yes this website is filled with my affiliate links and here is my disclaimer that I might make money if you click on the links but that is the business model of this site.

I promise you though that I will not pressure you with fake scarcity (I stopped counting how many times I have accessed an internet offer that was supposed to be “taken down”- yeah right). I will also spare you the insanely inflated value of stuff. You deserve the truth.

The Big Internet Marketing Game

Here is your call to action:

If you have not done so, sign-up here to our  38 parts course that will help you stay on track.

  1. Take a moment to really decide if you are determined to commit yourself to building your online presence. That means cutting down on television time (not a big loss) and all other distractions and not jumping from one product to the next. Stay here! 😁
  2. If you can, find a “buddy” that can play the game with you. We learn so much faster and keep motivated longer when we are kept accountable to another person. You can always send me through the Contact Us form the links to what you have created. I might not have the time to answer all messages but I will certainly look at what you have done.
  3. Make sure you have a good computer and a good internet connection as you need to have access online to accomplish so many tasks.
  4. STAY FOCUSED. If you decide to play The Big Internet Marketing Game, see it through. Most people fail online because they give up before ever getting results

P.s. About step#1, this means not allowing yourself to be tempted by Facebook or checking your emails constantly.

After all, when they asked Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (separately) what is the number one key to success they both answered FOCUS!

This website was rebuilt using the website Wayback Machine (also called the ) which displays old websites as I had lost my files in some computer/servers crashes. This site was originally online from 2008 to 2012. Most links were dead as many people have come and gone. You will not be one of them.

During the gap that it was not online, I still had other websites that provided me with some income. The hard part is the setting-up but you have to do some maintenance and updates. 

The good news is that it gets easier as you learn the curves. The other good news is that you will be presented with the simplest (and often cheapest) way to do things. getting your website up will not cost you 5000$ like you sometimes see. So, are you ready? Let’s GO!

Well, congratulations. You get to advance to the next square!

Queen The Big Internet Marketing Game


See you on the Next Square!



The Big Internet Marketing GameThe Big Internet Marketing Game