Podcast and Audio


Podcast and Audio


The internet is changing at a mind-spinning speed. Hence, if you only offer plain text on your sites, the average visitor is known to stay between 30 to 60 seconds at the most. A plain, naked web site is of little value to the average internet surfer.

There have been studies of internet surfers behavior and eye movements when on a site. Furthermore, there is a software that can tell you exactly what the human customer is looking at on any given web page. This tells you that you should have some pictures on your site (with the appropriate alt tags for the search engines).

We all heard that people interact in different modes. Some people are more visual and need to see things. Others are more auditory and need to hear the information. Others are more kinesthetic . They are the ones who print an e-book before reading it! or have the reader that you can still turn the pages in an e-book.

Audio and podcast

In order to appeal to the people that are more auditory, you will need audio on your web site and podcast.

Podcasts have grown in popularity as many people love to consume content while exercising or in their car. 

There are a few things you should know before getting into adding audio on your web site:

If you have videos, you can easily extract the audio and create podcasts.

 Unless you have a very annoying voice, people would rather hear you than a hired actor. It adds to your credibility and people can trust you.

Having audio on your web site can use a lot of bandwidth and your site can go offline if you don’t check it often. There are many podcasts hosting and you can either embed your audio content or share the links to your podcasts.

You certainly do not need your own recording studio to get your message out there. There are plenty of good microphones for less than 100$.

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The three big Podcast platforms that you want to be on are: Spotify, Apple and Google.

You have to know that these very popular platforms do not host your podcast. They only stream it. 

So you will need a podcast hosting service.

If you have a lot of podcast, hosting them on your own website is not an option. The huge bandwidth they require would slow down your website and scare away your visitors. 

Furthermore, your hosting company might cancel your contract all together.

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There are some free podcast hosting services out there.

But don’t rejoice too soon about saving on your podcast hosting fee. It has happened in the past that the smaller, free podcast platforms closed and people lost all their podcasts with it!

Castos.com is a paid podcast hosting with good reviews.

www.Aachor,fm is a free hosting for unlimited podcasts. 

www.buzzsprout.com  has a free version but is limited to 2 hours per month and your podcast is deleted after 90 days.

www.podbean.com offers a free version with 5 hours of monthly hosting.

www.podcasts.com offers free and unlimited podcast hosting.

And then there are hundreds of paying podcast hosting platforms.

Zoom is a video conferencing service that is extremely popular. You can use it for free if you have less than 100 people on the call and for a maximum of 40 minutes. They have different paying plans. 

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 Podcasting is also gaining in popularity and being able to offer audio outside your website will get you more exposure.

You might want to edit part of your podcast. A good free tool is Audacity.

Another great advantage of being able to use audio recording services is that you can send postcards to members of your list instead of the old boring newsletter which nobody reads anymore. Friends of mine were telling me that their opening rate dramatically increased once they started sending audio postcards instead of just newsletters in writing.

Another advantage of audio is that you can create audio products easily and then sell them for a fair amount of profit if your material is of good quality. If you run out of things to say, it also gets easy to interview a person related to your niche who will provide new and fresh material for your web site or even a product to sell.

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1) Decide if you want to do audio in your digital marketing business.

2) Find a good audio service you want to use. 

3) Make sure you have a good microphone and a quiet place in the house to record your audio. You don’t need anything fancy. 

4) Now that you have audio, let the world hear your voice and your message. There are numerous sites where you can post your podcast, many of them are free. Do a web search for free podcasting. 

5) Record and publish your short messages and don’t forget to bookmark them and drive traffic to them.See you on the next square!

6) GrooveFunnels is also offering GrooveWebinar. Once you have your webinar recorded, it will be simple to create a podcast and upload it to the 3 main podcast platforms. Click on the image below to grab your free access now.

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See you on the next square!

The Big Internet Marketing Game



The Big Internet Marketing Game

The Big Internet Marketing Game