Yes, you saw right, this guy is recording while drinking a beer! All right, it is a Karaoke picture but it shows the fact that one cool thing about teleseminars is that they can be done almost anywhere.

The other cool thing with teleseminars is that you can reach thousands of people around the world at the same time.

Teleseminars have been a very efficient tool for internet marketers so they can reach every member on their list and offer good quality content without having to repeat all the time the information. The benefits for the internet marketer are tremendous:

1) You can save time by reaching a great amount of people at once.

2) You can create a product by recording the teleseminar and then sell it to people interested.

3) Many internet marketers have been discovered by being invited as guests at a teleseminar. By being able to offer and explain their services they were put in front of sometimes very large audiences and got their big breaks.

4) If you are not an expert on a certain topic, it is easy to invite someone who is and interview that person during a teleseminar. The value for your customer can be tremendous. Furthermore, the expert you are inviting gets a good chance at getting visibility.

5) Most teleseminars are a way to explain a new product or service and can result in good sales.

All this being said, I honestly am not a big fan of teleseminars, here’s why:

1) I have a very unpredictable schedule and cannot commit to a timeframe.

2) I find annoying the first five to ten minutes of the teleseminar because it is often filled with technical problems (“wait let me try to mute this”, “I’ll try to press that button’, etc). Then, there comes the moment of the small talk: “how is the wife?” and I then start to get annoyed by wasting my time.

3) I have hung up on many teleseminars where I was not getting any value. It was either just two people sending each others countless compliments and giving no content or a big sales pitch and no content.

In all fairness, there have been great teleseminars which really helped internet marketers bring their business forward.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do teleseminars and this makes all the difference in the world. Since I am not a big advocate of teleseminars as you saw above, let me refer you to someone who has made great money and provided good content for his subscribers by mastering the art of teleseminars: Alex Mandossian.

The Big Internet Marketing Game


1) Attend a couple of internet marketing teleseminars and take notes of what you like and do not like.

2) Decide if participating in teleseminars is something you want to do (either by hosting them or being a guest on them)

3) Browse the different teleseminar services available. Some are free, others can be pricy but worth it if you are doing teleseminars frequently. The service I use is instant teleseminars. You can check it here.

4) If you are serious about learning all the tricks and tips on teleseminars and how to be successful, check out Alex Mandossian’s advanced course for teleseminars

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The Big Internet Marketing Game


The Big Internet Marketing Game