Webinars are a great way to sell your products and create recurring income

Webinars are very popular nowadays as a way to present your products, build trust or even share free information with your audience.

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The power of webinars is that they can be recorded once and used many times over. This way, people from all around the world can listen to your webinars at anytime of the day or night.

Furthermore, people attending webinars expect to be presented with an offer for a high-end item often in the range of $497 to 997$.

What is a webinar?

Before there were webinars, marketers used to hold téléseminars which were calls where many people could attend and listen.

 A  webinar is an online seminar. The word webinar is derived from a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”. It can be live or recorded. 

Webinars are more powerful to convert sales as they use visual convincers like slides, screen recordings or the speakers’ contagious energy to fire-up the attendees!


Pay special attention to  the lesson but also analyze what makes his webinar so powerful. He reveals that he was very bad at selling in the beginning and that his perfect webinar blueprint is the result of hundreds of testing and tweaking.

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The Perfect Webinar by Russell Brunson

The cool thing with webinars is that you can reach thousands of people around the world at the same time.

Webinars have been a very efficient tool for internet marketers so they can reach every member on their list and offer good quality content without having to repeat all the time the information. The benefits for the internet marketer are tremendous:

1) You can save time by reaching a great amount of people at once.

2) You can create a product by recording the webinar and then sell it to people interested.

3) Many internet marketers have been discovered by being invited as guests at a webinar. By being able to offer and explain their services they were put in front of sometimes very large audiences and got their big breaks.

4) Some people are great at hosting webinars and invite guests to promote their products and they share the revenues.  If you are not an expert on a certain topic, it is easy to invite someone who is and interview that person during a webinar. The value for your customer can be tremendous. 

5) Most webinars are a way to explain a new product or service and can result in good sales. Webinars are often presented as events thus creating excitement among viewers.

webinars to make money online

It takes experience to host a good webinar as there are technical hurdles on top of the stress of delivering the right content, keeping your audience interested and closing the sale.

Here are the top 19 mistakes to avoid when doing a webinar

  1. Not testing your equipment and material before. Nothing gets a higher drop-out rate than a silent webinar.
  2. Not hooking your audience in the first few minutes. People who leave webinars do it in the first minutes. You need to hook them in. Telling them that they will have access to a freebie at the end of the webinar is a good way to keep them in.
  3. Not having a clear plan and rambling endlessly.
  4. On a similar note, not taking- off fast enough. Think of your webinar as a plane. You need to blast the engines to get air-borne. It kills the mood to waste the first ten minutes doing sound checks or asking where everyone is from or if the webinar host small talks with one of the attendees.
  5. Begging for the sale without good arguments. Closing the sale at the end of the webinar is a fine art and some marketers become almost rude when they realize that their webinar is not converting.
  6. Not giving valuable content. You have to give in order to receive. People expect to get good information before they are willing to give you their hard-earned money.
  7. Not having a clear offer. If your webinar attendees are confused on what they are buying, they will not buy.
  8. Lying, hyping or exaggerating.              Make money online with webinars                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  9. Constantly stopping to check the chat box. This interrupts greatly the flow of the presentation. Good webinars have a dedicated person checking the chat box and answering queries.
  10. Pretending that a webinar is live when it clearly is not. Although you do not have to repeat that the webinar is recorded, pretending that it is live when it is not will raise trust issues in your attendees’ minds.
  11. This is not a big one but exaggerating the value of your bonuses can be a turn-off. The worse we have seen so far is bonuses valued at 120 000$. Come on, that’s the price of a small house!
  12. Having trouble with your payment processor. You should always have two payment processor in case one decides to block you for suspicious activity if your sales are exploding. You should also warn your payment processor that you are doing an event and that you are expecting a spike in sales. The same goes for your web server if you are redirecting your buyers to your website. Some very successful digital marketers have been known to crash servers or payment processors!
  13. Not being fully prepared. If you block in the middle of your presentation, this could ruin your entire webinar. Having an outline will save you from freezing. You should not be reading either as this is a big turnoff.                                                                                                                                     Webinars to make money online                                                                                                                                                                       
  14. Using foul language is rarely successful unless you are famous for it.
  15. Never try to imitate another digital marketer. You might have seen people trying to imitate Tony Robin’s extravagant style and looking like fools doing it. Be yourself, everyone else is taken.         
  16. Trying to break the record for the longest webinar just to get more sales. Some of your customers were raised to think that it is rude to hang-up on a person so they stick around but you are wasting their time if you go over one to 2 hours.       
  17. Putting the sales as your end goal. If you are only interested in making money and not helping your customers, it will show and you will actually make less money than if you were concerned about building long-lasting relationships.         
  18. Not delivering the freebies that you promised or faking a drawing to save a nickel. Unfortunately, some digital marketers have “forgotten” to give-away what they promised people for attending. This is the best way to burn all the attendees and the word will get around. 
  19. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE A DIGITAL MARKETER CAN DO WITH HIS WEBINAR IS NEVER GETTING IT OUT THERE. Stop criticizing yourself and get your webinar done and public.                                      

There is a right way and a wrong way to do webinars and this makes all the difference in the world.  

Making money with webinars

How to host a successful webinar in 38 points. A step-by-step guide


  1. Decide the format of your webinar. Is it going to be an interview with an authority figure, you talking while presenting a PowerPoint, a demonstration of your product or software, etc?
  2. EverWebinar is a strong platform to help you host and market your forever green webinars. Go to EverWebinar now and decide if it’s for you.
  3. One week before the webinar, launch a strong promotion campaign on social media and with emails. Send reminder emails.
  4. Test your equipment, rehearse your presentation, test your shopping cart and payment processor.
  5. Make sure to record your webinar so that you can use it over and over as a replay or even a product.
  6. Have plenty of water to sip during your presentation and cue cards at eye levels.
  7. Adjust lights so the light is in front of you. Dress nicely (at least your upper body!), hair and make-up in accordance to who you are.                                                                                                                                                                                             How to sell with a webinar                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  8. Get online a couple of minutes before the webinar and get people excited like the person working the crowd on live television.
  9. Have an opening screen already on with a compelling title, your hook and your picture or your brand as a screen saver  before the webinar starts.
  10. Make sure you mute every attendee and your cell phone, regular phone, dog, kids, etc.
  11. Your intro should be around 15 minutes
  12. Start your webinar with a strong hook on what people will gain from attending.
  13. Remind attendees that they will get a freebie if they stay until the end of the webinar.
  14. You can actually ask for permission or announce that you will make an offer at the end. 
  15. Open strong with the biggest problem you are here to solve, your hook. This should be in line with all the marketing you did to get people to sign-up for your webinar.
  16. Mention your revenue disclaimers and medical disclaimers, etc.
  17. Elaborate a little about what the problem is that you can solve.                        How to make money with webinars for newbies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  18. Introduce yourself with a compelling story. Tell your audience why they should trust you, and why you are the best person to help them with their problem.
  19. Don’t make the webinar about you. Once you have established your credential and compelling story, move on to giving your attendees value.
  20. The information part of your webinar- around 15 minutes
  21. This is where you give at least 3 valuable secrets that will wow your attendees.
  22. Your information should be great but incomplete. Revealing a fantastic secret and then saying such things as “and we had so much more astonishing results but we cannot show all of them in this short webinar.” Make them want more!
  23. You can present a small demo of your product
  24. The next part is results they can get with your product and testimonials.
  25. The third part is addressing their objections or resistances-15 minutes                          How to host a successful webinar for newbies                                                                                                                             
  26. At this point, most probably some people are already convinced that they want your product but others have objections. These objections can be internal (they are thinking that they cannot use your product successfully) or external (cost, what will their family think, etc).
  27. The fourth part is the offer- lasting 15 to 30 minutes if you include the Q and A at the end
  28. Russel Brunson drills down on the importance of stacking your offer. The way to stack an offer is you detail the first element of the offer and its value. Then, you present the first plus the second element of the offer and their respective value. Then you present the first, second and third element of the offer and their value, etc. Once you have all the elements of the offer presented, you announce the price. 
  29. Then, you can announce that the price is going to be lower (just like you see in the infomercials) by striking the announced price with a red crossover.
  30. Decide if you want to do  the price lowering a couple of times.
  31. You can reveal the buy button under your webinar screen. Also put the URL link to get to the order page on your screen.
  32. You can then announce your bonuses, stacking them again. Insists that those bonuses are only available for the people attending your webinar.
  33. You can pepper some testimonials here to break down some resistance.                        Webinar power to sell products online                                                                                                        
  34. At this point, your screen has the order URL clearly displayed and you have your order button under your screen clearly visible.
  35. You repeat your call to action as many times as it takes. Do not get sidetracked and keep repeating the offer and bonuses. Russell Brunson repeats the offer at the end of his webinars more than 20 times! You should model what he does as he holds the record for selling for 3 million dollars in 90 minutes!
  36. Having a timer that goes to 0 when the webinar ends is a strong scarcity element. 
  37. You can now answer the Q and A that you have previously selected. Most Q and As are pretty much asking if the product will work in this and that occasion and the answer is pretty much always YES!
  38. Once the timer hits 0, give them the freebie that you promised, thank everyone and close the webinar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Congratulations!


The Big Internet Marketing Game


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        3. Gather your products or even an affiliate product that you love and use and prepare your webinar. Drive traffic to your webinar sign-up page. If you don’t have a product, search to see if you can interview a person who does and share the profits.

Prepare your webinar according to the models described above.

Do your webinar and MAKE SURE TO RECORD IT!

Drive more traffic to your evergreen webinar to make more sales.

            3. When you have another product, create another webinar.

            4. Accept that your first webinar will not be perfect. You will get better with time.


See you on the next square! 

The Big Internet Marketing Game



The Big Internet Marketing GameThe Big Internet Marketing Game