Affiliate marketing: the top 11 dirty secrets that you are not told

Affiliate marketing: top 11 dirty secrets that you are not told 1. Affiliate Marketing Secret #1: Only 5% of affiliates make all the commission money. There are only a few digital marketers making a good living with affiliate marketing. Just like in life, the rule saying that 5% of all the affiliate marketers make 95% […]

8 Mesures à prendre pour gagner de l’argent en ligne

Les 8 mesures à prendre pour faire de l’argent en ligne J’ai répondu à cette question sur Quora: S’il vous plaît quelles mesures dois-je prendre pour gagner de l’argent en ligne ? Oubliez toutes les magouilles vous promettant de fair fortune sans travailler. Déterminer dans quelle sphère vous avez une compétence unique (niche) Débuter un […]

The 11 best things about an affiliate online business

The 11 best elements of affiliate online business:   No product creation and no customer service problems Growing your list as you promote as an affiliate thus making money A unique testing opportunity of products without wasting your time creating them. An occasion to learn how to set-up your own affiliate program when the time […]

How to set-up your auto-responder

How to set-up your auto-responder First, you need to build your list Before setting up an auto-responder, you need to capture your visitor’s email address. Long gone are the times when you can say “subscribe to our newsletter” and people would fill in their email address unless you are a famous person. People will provide […]

Sales funnels are they a scam or the best thing?

Here is a transcript of the video I made on Youtube reviewing Clickfunnels and Groovefunnels. You can see all the secrets revealed about sales funnels here: Hello everyone this is my first webinarso it’s gonna be full of bloopers day soI’m Natalie Fiest. I  was online in 2005then life got the best of me […]

The top ten reason to use WordPress to build your first website

The top ten reasons to use WordPress® to build your first website 1. Reason number 1 to use WordPress: WordPress is FREE. You can create a full website using WordPress and you will not have to pay a cent. WordPress is under a GNU GPL license (general public license which means: Anyone is free to […]