Sales funnels are they a scam or the best thing?

Here is a transcript of the video I made on Youtube reviewing Clickfunnels and Groovefunnels. You can see all the secrets revealed about sales funnels here:

Hello everyone this is my first webinar
so it’s gonna be full of bloopers day so
I’m Natalie Fiest. I  was online in 2005
then life got the best of me and now i’m
back online so today we’re gonna talk
about sales funnels secrets or their
scam or they for or do the best
invention since sliced bread so without
further ado let’s go it’s gonna be a
short webinar i’m not gonna hold you for
two hours and i don’t want to ask who’s
from california and blah blah blah so
that’s a sales funnel right there
tornado i’m from florida so could be
either so you’ve heard about sales
funnels or click funnels or group
funnels they seem to be everywhere right
now and maybe you have an opinion on
them right now so if you want to share
in the chat box so it’s the wine so what
is the sales funnel and why should you
care so i’m starting from the very very
basic a cellphone ill is the name says
it it’s a funnel so basically you’re
getting a lot of people in and at the
end it’s narrowing because you’re making
offers and the very bottom of the cell
phone all is usually your buyers or your
very loyal customers and they’re usually
the ones that pay a lot of money so
there’s a company called click funnels
i’m sure you’ve heard of it there they
were saying they have an estimated
40,000 users but that includes people
that are in the free 14 days trial and
they are charging a monthly fee which
varies from $99 to $299 ouch
per month and in 2019 russell brunson
was saying that they had an estimated
revenue of thirty million dollars so her
funnel is lucrative you betcha
by the lucrative for every marketer no
they’re not they’re lucrative for the
people who sell them we’re gonna
that later I don’t want to sell so
that’s actually the the funnel seller
and he had an idea and he made big money
and that’s all since 2016 I think so
it’s only been four years but it’s been
growing exponentially like crazy so
clicks funnels biggest asset is actually
not the funnels that’s one of the
secrets you’re gonna learn today it’s
not the host thing it’s cloud hosted it
is Russell Brunson himself the CEO the
co-founder the other founder is kind of
more in the back
more quiet he’s more of the programmer
but Russell is really the marketing guy
is he’s the face of clickfunnels and
you’re gonna see why the company is so
popular and so successful so here he is
that’s Russell right there and so his
strengths he’s an awesome communicator
he has that Matt Damon quality he looks
at the camera he talks to the camera and
you’re his best friend after watching
and all his sales page start with a
video because he knows he has report he
establishes rapport right away so you
don’t even read the copy you’re like hey
he’s talking to me so he’s really really
had it down to to the nail and if you’ve
seen him on giving on seminars sometimes
I don’t know how many people are in
these rooms that was before the Cova and
in the social distant shishun but there
were tens of thousands of people in
those rooms so and he was moving the
rooms like crazy he is honestly
brilliant he’s a genius because his
marketing and his way of making money
he’s also a savvy marketer like I said
and he’s not that old so you know that
experience but he picks up on gems and
everything he’s a great salesman
honestly I would open my wallet to him
just listening to him
I have a little but you’re gonna see
later he’s also a leader
because 40,000 people signed up for
some for the free 14-day trial because
it is expensive but if it was less
expensive he would have so many more
followers he also has on Facebook
700,000 followers on his Facebook page
so watch out Kim Kardashian I know she’s
on Instagram but still like he’s really
really popular he’s sending him with
funnel marketing but you’re gonna see I
think it’s not gonna be for long and he
can also charge huge amounts of money
for his services like he’s not a free
speaker that’s for sure and like I said
he’s very very talented in what he does
so he wrote three books and actually
he’s selling like funnels as if they’re
like you know almost all to me and very
complicated but his funnel model is
actually very simple so you’re gonna be
shocked with that that’s another secret
like the guy who sells your complicated
funnel uses a very simple funnel so
you’re gonna see that in the next pages
and it’s converting like crazy that’s
how he made a lot of money and that’s
how he signs up people by building
rapport and Trust and I like him I’ve
never met him but I like him just by you
know I’m I fell into his funnel I chose
so he’s from his funnel is simple like I
said this front offer is for free books
and you only pay for shipping it depends
from 795 to 995 and if you’re
international it’s gonna be different
shipping fees but here’s the catch it’s
not a you know crappy ebook it’s not a
bad you know thy spiral-bound books that
we used to have an internet marketing
these are high quality not the cheap
ebooks they are well written they’ve
been edited and it shows they’re full of
useful content they’re nicely
Illustrated he put a lot of money into
these books they’re hard covers
so I’m gonna keep them in my library
that’s for sure and they are beautiful
books and he has a series of four there
was a fifth one that kinda I think it
got added up and he even has a series
like how did you call it when you put
casing to put all the books inside to
keep them so that’s one was affiliate
secrets this one’s traffic secrets and
why would he give his books for free and
he’s losing money honey said it like
every book costs him like 16 dollars to
ship and everything so he’s insane
no he’s the hot he’s brilliant so why
does he give his books for free it’s to
get you in his funnels like I mean his
funnels right now okay and honestly he’s
been grabbing my email address I think
it’s we’re down to 20 times already in
the past ten days so he’s overdoing it
he really doesn’t want to lose your
email address because he wants to put
you on his list that’s okay it’s fair
game so he puts you in his funnel when
you buy the book and that is brilliant
so he’s losing money up front he’s
honest about it and he’s got a lot of
videos that with good information and he
explains how much it cost him to acquire
a customer and he’s sacrificing his
books and you’re gonna see why he does
that so he explains that giving his
books costs him a lot more money so his
customer acquisition runs from around
sixteen dollars depends on what campaign
he’s doing and everything he’s got all
the numbers and it’s crazy so I’m
guessing this is his wife and him he
says you know honey I’m gonna pay
sixteen dollars and I’m gonna give away
my books but I’m sure she sees them be
going in and she understands what he’s
doing so by giving away his free
high-quality books and I got all four of
he has a aid that where he gets his
is in the back okay because now he’s
he’s got you in his funnel and then he’s
marketing to you he’s also giving a lot
of quality content and and then he’s
offering you like bigger and bigger
offers like seminars and then mentoring
and mastermind groups and all so that’s
I think his cash cow is the click funnel
monkey payments okay
so that’s what he calls a backdoor
that’s where he gets back his money okay
and there’s the back wall right there so
by giving away his book and you just
have to pay shipping he also he has some
benefits the first one is he can say I’m
a you know best-selling author I’ve sold
tens of thousands or hundreds of
thousands of book I’d I didn’t keep the
numbers he establishes rapport and
credibility with audience he’s an author
he’s a published author and it’s a
really they’re good books so they’re not
crappy internet marketing ebooks he gets
your email address and he also gets your
physical address and he also gets your
phone so you’re really in the funnel and
you’re actually like I said in twenty
funnels you’re put in every funnel as
you can imagine and that’s how he built
his list and it’s a huge list and it’s a
list of buyers because you already got
your credit card
he’s got your credit card because you
paid for shipping he made some money
because the shipping is usually media
mail which is like three dollars for a
book so he’s recuperating some money but
that’s it so casting him to send out
those books but it’s for a good cause
and he’s got the most productive and
most money producing funnel out there so
brilliant you you have to follow his not
everybody can write a book and I’m not
saying you should write a book that all
these things that say write a book in a
weekend or whatever it’s gonna be a
crappy book the book takes time and
these books or took time maybe he had
some ghost writers maybe he had someone
to help him out and editor and
everything but he did put some times in
it any chose
so here is his funnel so you give away
the free quality book and the customer
just pays for shipping and and then even
if you pay for shipping so even if
you’re coming out like nine ninety five
you’re actually the word free is there
so he’s already giving you something
free so you’re actually like in depth to
him because he gave you something free
and for me he gave me for free things
cuz I bought four of his books for free
I just paid for the shipping so the word
free is important so you’re already like
okay the balance is is he gave you
things so he’s gonna be comfortable
asking you first
reciprocate and then he can make an
offer in that that’s his model so he
makes an offer for a higher quality but
again moderate price it’s like a hundred
dollars it’s a course it’s a 30-day
course full of value again not a crappy
thing and then he’d in in between that
he always over delivers free content and
it’s valuable like you I’ve learned a
lot from him marketing and funnel wise
and at the end yeah then he gets you
with the higher end ticket like his
seminars are between thousand to three
thousand dollars and then the funnel
service is varies from $99 to two
hundred and ninety nine dollars per
month that’s where he gets the thirty
million dollars he also has and again
that’s really genius he’s got a strong
affiliate program so his happy customers
or then selling and even his unhappy
customer that or paying every month say
I got a recuperate my money so let me
promote quick funnel so it doesn’t cost
me that much so he’s got a tribe that’s
working for him so at one point did
water coming to the windmill and now my
computer is waiting so I hope it doesn’t
like for a long I have a so-so internet
connection so let’s wait that’s what min
or so to week to recap is first book is
calm secrets he’s got traffic secrets
he’s got experts secrets
he’s also got affiliate secrets I didn’t
put them all here they’re free you just
pay for the shipping like I said so he
gets back some of money by charging 995
which is not what he pays for then he
brings you and I’m walking you to his
funnel and you’re gonna see it’s simple
it’s not those 12 steps funnel that you
see it and that he’s actually selling
it’s really simple so then you get to
his medium ticket item which is a course
or a seminar and then you get to the
high ticket item which is the monthly
membership the live events and he can
charge for speaking a lot of money I
think he starts at 10k the mastermind
groups the mentorship and high-end items
so as you can see his funnel is really
simple he’s selling complicated funnels
but his which is the most money
generating is really simple so that’s
one of the secrets here it doesn’t have
to be complicated they make it sound
like it has to be complicated make it
sound like you need to buy their
products you need to buy their funnels
because you’re not gonna make money but
he’s making a boatload of money with a
simple three steps the books higher in
bigger in that’s it and then you just
put you just deliver high quality
content that’s me
so you see again his business model so
free books medium item high items and
I’m sure you’ve bought some social
products and you’ve been that was one
time when I was in the funnel for 40
minutes going backwards up sales side
sales themselves and then back in and at
one point I’m like okay I’m gonna give
up so so this a question that’s my dog
she’s smiling at me so are you curious
to know some secrets that I found out
about Russell’s funnel marketing I’m
sure you are that’s why you’re listening
so here we go so here are some of the
secrets that I found out some he
told in his content some I found by
researching so like I said the biggest
secret and I hope you get that is that
is funnel which is making the most money
is actually very basic it has three
elements and it can be duplicated for
free you don’t have to buy like
complicated funnels and actually if you
get complicated funnels it’s gonna slow
you down more than it it’s gonna help
you and there’s also some very cheap
tools that you can use the biggest value
of click funnels the company is himself
not the funnel system because it’s not
that complicated to do funnels okay they
like you know they like to market it as
you know funnels and and make it sound
very complicated but it actually I’m
trying to go back I’m not sure I’m gonna
be able to go back oh no we’re missing
out some secrets so the pros of click
funnels all I’ll jump because I can I go
back to the slide for some reason
PowerPoint all the way forward so the
pros of click funnels is like I said the
CEO Russell Branson Branson is he’s got
expertise and he’s got great leadership
there’s no doubt about it it’s an
established company they have a very
strong community too they have a
Facebook group and and they share and
the critique each other’s funnels and
and everything what they call funnel
hacking which is not you’re not hacking
a funnel you’re just looking at it and
trying to see if it works they have a
lot of quality training material I’ve
been through a lot of it and I got a lot
of value from it it’s mostly from
Russell himself and they had a couple of
huge success clients I mean millionaire
what they call the two comma Club which
is and then I had an aha moment when I
an epiphany when I found out okay two
commas because when you right
numbers and it’s over a million you have
to put two commas because I was what’s
the – comma so the two comma Club is
people that made over a million with
their funnels but it’s not that many I
think he toss around the number 500 but
out of 40,000 people that means the rest
are not making that great money and he’s
got a strong affiliate program which
you’re automatically enrolled in even if
you only bought the three books like I
did you you have the links and it’s
quality material again it’s not crappy
crappy links the cons of clickfunnels of
course it’s too expensive for what it is
honestly if you look at it because if
you get excited and if you watch a
couple of videos from Russell you’re
gonna go I want it I want it but
honestly you’re just buying webpages
simple web pages with Upton and lead
generation and an offer and sales pages
the other cons is if you stop paying
your monthly membership you lose your
funnel you lose your data you go back to
zero and this is what happened to many
people after a couple of months they
said you know this is costing me too
much I’m not making any income so I’m
gonna stop and then all your hard work
is gone it would also it would also
disappear if the company went belly-up I
don’t think you will but that’s another
possibility so you had the mercy of
things happening and then you would lose
your hard work the other thing is the
service owner can raise their price and
they actually did it so that’s bad like
okay I’m paying $99 you know for this I
have to pay $2.99 and my last point was
it’s too pricey so it’s just to repeat
it okay so the the way I see it about
losing your hard work if you stop paying
your monthly fee bill Harrison said it
best and
sentence stuck with me is he said do not
build your house on rented land and that
makes sense that’s why cloud hosting for
me is not like doesn’t get me jumping up
and down I’d rather have my own servers
where I do backups and and stuff because
even with these if you say oh I’m gonna
back up my funnels if anything happens
I’ll have the files you cannot so that’s
kind of bad and even if you want a host
on your server and again I’m not techie
but I know that you’re not hosting
you’re kind of redirecting to your
domain name but you don’t have the files
so you’re building your house on rented
land if they sell the land if the land
goes down if there’s a landslide
you’re losing everything so that’s or if
they say well our land is worth more you
have to pay more if you want to stay
here you’re stuck so that that’s a big
big turn-off for me and the other piece
of wisdom that I found is a guy called
miles Beckler he’s got a YouTube channel
and he’s not a hard seller he’s got like
good advice he and I’ve watched a lot of
his videos he’s got a lot of information
one advice I took from him is when I
started my blog he said take the 90 day
challenge so once per day just write a
blog post once per day for 90 days and
sure enough I got indexed really fast by
doing that I didn’t do every day because
you know life happens again but I pretty
much I’m doing the 90 days and it’s it
doesn’t take long and it’s just having
the discipline saying okay I’m gonna
take miles for his challenge but another
thing he said about any talks a lot
about Finnell marketing and he’s not Pro
buying monthly services he said
something that’s really again profound
is when you think about it a funnel is
just a series of web pages that’s what
they’re selling you for 300 dollars per
month for using three web pages so
that’s him
there and you can go on YouTube fine his
channel miles Beckler and he’s got some
good information as well I hate the blue
spiraled I have a slow internet
connection so why do most funnels fail
and if you start a funnel and you say
well I’m not getting any customers I’m
not getting any sales and why are they
not making any money some of the reasons
that I compiled were here so first is
lack of traffic if you build it it’s in
the billions of pages web pages and
millions of funnels so nobody knows you
exist it’s like a star in the sky so you
have to bring traffic to it you have to
do some elbow grease if it’s a bad
copywriting we’ve all seen like
copywriting that doesn’t even sound
English and you don’t even know what
it’s about or it’s you you read the
whole copy and you go what would I be
buying if I click here so sometimes the
offer is not clear or it’s confusing if
the funnel is too complicated and I’ve
seen funnels and there was one time it
took me like I say here 40 minutes to go
through the funnel he was going up sell
down sales side sales and then I found
that if you mouse over on the edge of
the sales page the price would drop by
50% all the time or if I scroll down to
the bottom of the page and it was always
the same the same pattern the same mold
if I scroll down to the bottom of the
page some offers were interesting that
the one-time offer he had like ten
one-time offer the name says it one time
not ten times but anyways if I scroll
down to the bottom of the page and I
said no thank you I’ll pass I’m stupid
or whatever that you know clickable link
was I would always get 50% off so
sometimes I would buy those things buy
the link but it was always the same
pattern and it was a confusing funnel to
say the least
more like amazed in a funnel actually
again if you have a funnel it’s not
converting maybe you’re offering bad
products or
again it’s not clear what you’re
offering if if a person is expecting
that I’ll buy a funnel service and I’ll
make money and and sometimes the sales
letter will promise you ok click at the
click of a button in 60 seconds a Ford
of hungry buyers or a flood or tsunami
of customers that’s all we know we know
the work we’re not gonna say it so if
you were expecting to do nothing and get
loads of people that’s not gonna happen
the only thing and again that’s if you
sign up for a costly monthly funnel
service you might run out of money you
might run out of time and you might not
be able to push forward your product or
create your product as you’re focusing
so much on the funnel but what happens
if you have a great car like a
Lamborghini because everybody wants to
talk in Lamborghini and internet
marketing if you don’t have gas in it so
that’s pretty much it if you don’t have
fuel in it so if you have the best
funnel but you didn’t work on your offer
or you cannot drive traffic anymore ok
because you cannot have paid traffic or
even you don’t have time anymore to
bring traffic well your car is gonna
stay in the driveway also with buying a
funnel service at one point all the
funnels look the same honestly they have
like a couple of templates yeah you can
drag and drop you can change the color
but they seem to look alike and at one
point I’m wondering if you don’t get
numbness I think I do like I’ve seen
some offers on on jvzoo which is an
affiliate website and warrior plus and
they all look the same and sometimes if
you forgot to change the name of the
offers so you’re like ok I know where
I’ve seen that the other thing is if the
marketer didn’t go around to finish his
funnels and it doesn’t link properly or
whatever and there’s some funnels I’ve
seen that were broken and sometimes I’ve
seen places where I could go by the
backdoor and pay half the price and and
so what so again if the
funnel is we’re not working so these are
all like things that would make your
funnel network but then I think the
biggest stumble would be to have it too
complicated I’m sorry my little blue
spiral is is turning so if it’s too
complicated you’re gonna lose yourself
you’re gonna lose your customer in the
process and that’s not good so if your
customer is they say confused customer
will not buy so that’s true at one point
it might just abandon his card and say
you know it’s too much and I’ve seen
some funnels where they actually go back
to the initial offer and we we give it
to you we offer it to you and a lot of
point it’s like you know I’ve said no so
no means the who so you have to respect
your customer – it’s almost like nagging
if you’re representing offers so they’re
going in loops and everything so that’s
almost rude so not good marketing the if
the funnel is too complicated it will
have weaknesses and it will require a
lot of time like you’ll need a graphic
and there’s actually some some
software’s where you can put all your
funnels but keep it simple
Russell keeps it simple that should tell
you that’s what you should do you should
model the guy that makes millions with
his funnel and his business model like I
showed you it’s very simple and actually
a complicated funnel will not
necessarily bring you more money it’s as
if you feel like your customer is a
lemon and you’re squeezing it in
squeezing it and you want the last drop
but you’re actually going to lose it so
lose your customer so here is an example
it’s not even showing I had fun with
that funnel I added some arrows so you
can have too much up sales down sales
inside sales to a point that it hurts
yourselves okay you’re not gonna make
and and you know all that thing about
leaving money on the table well maybe
somebody the guy after you needs that
money so don’t be greedy and actually
this is I added a couple of hours just
for fun but it shows you that that’s too
much here okay and
you’re gonna you’re gonna turn off your
your customer some of these funnels I
bought because I really wanted the
product but then I unsubscribe from the
mailing list I didn’t wanna have
anything to do with you know that
marketer because I didn’t want to go to
another more amazed than a funnel so
like I said it confuse my never advice
even when confused mind here we go and
and the one thing you have to do is
Russell Brunson is not leaving anything
to chance he’s tracking and testing
everything I mean you know trust me on
this side I don’t even I’m not sure
about the pixel I’m still not sure I
just know that things appear on when I’m
on Facebook or even on other pages and I
know it’s the pixel but you know don’t
ask me more than that
but he’s tested everything he knows the
cost of every customer he knows that if
you tweet this and he knows exactly what
step of the funnel makes how much
converts how much if he changes a word
he went like 3% more and this and that
so wouldn’t you agree with me that he
has tested and hundreds if not thousands
of funnels and his model works and it’s
a simple model so again let me quote
Einstein saying everything should be
made as simple as possible but no
simpler so I would model him I wouldn’t
go with a complicated funnel I don’t
have the patience I don’t have the
attention span to keep a complicated
funnel so is a funnel right for you
again people would say yes but you know
just answer is for you so a funnel
service might be for you if and there’s
a big if here if you know the basic of
online marketing okay if you don’t
there’s a learning curve like what’s a
what’s traffic how do you get traffic
how do you build your list how do you do
videos how do you upload videos so if
you’re already signing up and you’re
paying the monthly fee while you’re
learning it’s costing you between a
hundred and three hundred dollars per
month and you’re still in school you’re
not you know so there’s no point and
signing up there will always be final
services and some people don’t even use
funnels by the way they have a simple
sales letter and they don’t bother with
funnels which is actually funny and
they’re making good money if you’re
short on money this is not the lottery
saying I’ll buy the funnel it’s my last
time and this is if it breaks or it
takes this is not the way to go okay you
don’t start making except for exceptions
you don’t start making money right away
so don’t draw your last time at funnels
that’s not a good and there’s free or
very cheap options which you can do the
same thing and tackle around with it and
you also have to do what are you gonna
sell because some people sign up for
funnels and and Russell was even saying
about this you know they’re all
enthusiastic oh let me build my funnels
and then he asked them like what are you
gonna sell and they’re like I don’t know
some products so why are you buying that
if you don’t think again if why are you
buying the cart you don’t have gas to
put in it it could be a good and you
could do funnel marketing for your books
but you have to have an upsell yeah and
if you look at because I also write
books there’s a lot of authors that do
funnel marketing but you have to have
upsells and if you look the most
prolific author right now is JK Rowling
but she doesn’t make her money on books
she makes her money on games and
attraction parts and movies that’s the
big one so you have to have an upsell or
else you know don’t put your books and
in funnels it is not worth it and giving
one chapter for free it doesn’t work
that and people don’t talk back so a
funnel would not be for you if and then
it comes final service is not for you if
if you don’t know what you’re gonna sell
or offer that’s one thing if you don’t
know and you’re really like oh I want to
do this I have time I can learn traffic
and everything there’s always affiliate
products but then you’re gonna have to
really sit down and sort them out some
are really really bad quality and not
worth a dime and you can have
reimbursement and all kinds of stuff
it’s always better if you have your own
products that’s for sure that’s what
John Thornhill was saying and then you
can have affiliate sell for you but if
you have it you have to find your your
unique selling proposition like what are
you qualified to do and what when you
will your product be it could be an
online course it’s very popular right
now especially since we’re all like
lockdown it could be digital product it
could be physical products they’re
actually like very well appreciated they
have added value so a fundable service
is not for you that that’s the meaning
of the yang if you’re on your last time
or if you’re borrowing money I hear
sometimes webinar and people are saying
that you know people doing them webinar
saying you know call your credit card
have your limit increase don’t do that
for heaven’s sake don’t do that
if you’re at that point it’s really not
worth it and I’m gonna tell you how you
can tackle sales funnel without having
to pay any money if you have no clue
about traffic generation like I said if
you build the best funnel but nobody
knows about it you’re not gonna make
money out of it
if you wanna be if your you’ve got the
magic thinking that you’re gonna be a
success as successful as Russell Brunson
and work the two hours per day a reality
check is that he doesn’t work two hours
but he works way more than that and it
took him years to become an overnight
success so you know don’t think that
they had it all made they work hard
harder than they say when they sell
they’re always saying oh like click of a
button and this and that but
that’s not true if identify is a service
is not for you if you’re looking to get
rich fast it’s doesn’t happen some
people I have I’ve been at it for a long
long time so we’re waiting for the blue
spiral oh wait hold on I don’t even know
what’s coming oh yes no I know so
something very interesting is happening
right now and that’s what I was telling
you that I’m excited about is that
there’s funnels everywhere right now and
I like that okay that’s funny I’m funny
like that so there’s actually cheaper
alternatives and when I say cheaper I
don’t mean like low quality I mean more
affordable there’s actually some three
alternatives I work a lot on the
WordPress because I don’t know
last thing about coding so and there’s
up three up ten pages builders on
WordPress and then a sales page is if
you look at it you can build a page and
on WordPress and then the Thank You page
you can build that on WordPress so
actually hey you get a funnel on
WordPress so you do have to pay for
hosting and domain name but there’s also
like you can have like cloud hosting you
can have some people are offering like
really really cheap hosting or if you
buy a funnel sometimes they say well
hosted on our cloud so you don’t even
have to pay for the hosting or the
domain name so they I think the
clickfunnels monopoly is about to be a
challenge really really really big
because other people saw how much money
click funnels is making and they’re like
me too me too
I can build that it’s not that
complicated it’s not like Nobel Prize
coding here so there’s people that are
jumping in and offering their final
services I’ve seen one-time fee $27
cloud hosting so you don’t have to pay
for hosting but these companies I don’t
know if they’ll be around so you risk
losing your funnels or like I said
WordPress options you can build your
funnels on WordPress and get going from
there so what it means is that there’ll
be more funnels options yay for us
because to $300 per month it’s really
stressful and they’ll be more affordable
funnel option so yay for us so let me
suggest to you a funnel options that
would be very simple and I hope you get
that picture in your head so here’s a
simple and beautiful funnel that will
not get out of control again keep it
simple when you’re beginning with you
know you don’t want to do all kinds of
weird stuff so the first thing would be
the offer or the bribe what they call
and it’s usually a freebie and then you
would have on that page and opt-in form
and you’ve seen those pages all over put
your name email address if you want
access to the free report the instance
secrets and then people are there in the
funnel right now but in the top of the
funnel so they’re redirected to the
product offered during either webinar or
in on a sales letter and like I said
Russ russell brunson which is like top
marketer he always has the first thing
that welcomes you on his sales letter is
the video and honestly I don’t know how
many people will scroll down to the
sales letter we don’t care we just
listen to him and he does the cell right
there on the video and we’re like
clickers we don’t stay long on videos
the average person stays seven seconds
so he grabbed your attention right away
he’s like hey and then he goes from
there so you don’t need to read the
sales letter
it’s there because there might be
someone who wants to read it but
honestly he should he should try put put
like a code like okay dinosaurs or blue
or whatever see how many people read the
sales letter
so anyways then you bring them to the
product offering during a webinar or a
sales letter I’m not very fond of
webinar that last three hours that’s
then the pushy cells the pushy cells at
the end that goes on and on for 30
minutes like a beggar in the street that
turns me off like if you’re making such
good money on internet marketing why are
you begging us to buy your product it’s
always 497 okay you know that and then
the value like the biggest I seen was
two hundred and thirty thousand dollar
value but you’re getting here for three
payments of 497 count my own people
that’s a fan so that’s like you think
we’re stupid
so okay we’re going down the line here
then you have the offer or the upsells
some people will have two two three four
one-time offer sometimes people will
have down sales which is the digital
part and you don’t want is the physical
part don’t get into debt okay if you
have something again of value not saying
okay I just you know slap another ebook
and here it is so an upsell could be
interesting it could be a video course
if you had the book first and then you
bring them down here to the Thank You
page because you have to deliver the
goodies so usually you have the
downloads or the info and again if you
have the time if you have the staff
physical products still sell very but I
love books I have to touch books digital
is not the same to me reading on the
tablet not the same and many many people
were like that so that could be an
upsell right there is the physical book
and the DVDs that still sells quite good
and then actually it’s not it should not
be an error but it’s not like
independent it’s just you nurture your
list okay because those people are on
your list from the very beginning and
I’ve heard many many times including
Russell saying 80% should be free
high-quality information okay not crap
and not selling and pushing and pushing
and pushing some people send me like
five emails per day and it’s all like
buy buy buy and it’s it’s like if you
had a say if you walk into a store and
somebody is like
yes you would walk out so I’m honestly
that’s my confession I’m a serial
unsubscribe er I don’t belong on any I’m
not on any list because people are too
I’m still on Russell’s list because I
want to see his business model and you
can see that I’ve been observing him and
he’s brilliant and 20% of the time then
you can sell and sometimes it could be
your own products if you have you’re
creating other stuff software also sells
very good if it’s a software that answer
a need and you don’t have to be a coder
you could always hire someone to do the
software for you but then sometimes you
have to work at it because not you won’t
get that on the first try people will
deliver bad products and then you have
to find another coder until you get it
right or you can sell affiliate products
there’s always that big launch for
everybody’s selling the same thing and
that’s if you have a list it’s the you
just and you actually copy-paste email
that they provide you the seller you
send it to your list and then there’s
money coming when you have a list that’s
responsive so that’s the simple funnel I
don’t know if you can appreciate it I
would start with that that’s what I have
and it’s easy to implement so this is
the quiz page as you can see that’s a
brain so we’re waiting for the blue
spiral to load up sorry I have a very
slow internet connection so another
funnel secret is that there was some
marketers that were saying they
converted better if they did not ask the
email and the name like the the opt-in
at the very beginning they gave a
freebie and then on the second contact
they asked for the opt-in because you
already gave something for free to that
person so it’s already want to
reciprocate and they’ve seen you on the
video they heard you so they trust you
so that converted well other people will
say well you know I want to get them on
my list as soon as possible you can do
like Russell he asked you for your your
email every time he talks to you so like
I said I’ve never personally talked to
him but every time he emails you so he
must have tooktook in my email and 20
times so fun trivia for you and the
answer is not on that picture I can
click what is the best company to use
funnels and it’s been doing funnel
marketing for a long long time way
before russell brunson way before click
funnels so can you guess what company
it’s a billion-dollar company so the big
I don’t know if anybody could I found
out it’s actually McDonald’s if you like
yeah the obvious one the upsells do you
want fries with this or the one apple
apple pie with that so but they even
bought a digital company that’s tracking
and testing everything to a scary point
actually and they analyzed at that
company analyzes every order and they go
regional like okay we sell more burgers
we sell more cheeseburger at this
plastic place and this and that and even
with the car service
it’s the same thing and actually the
kiosks that before again before covet
that we used to touch I I don’t know
what’s gonna happen with those chairs
cos there’s a lot of germs on there but
they were actually recording your
fingerprints I don’t know how legal this
is but they actually knew and they were
they were analyzing what part of the
kiosk was touch most because that’s the
it’s like in real estate
that’s what converts the best and that’s
where you put your you know the most
pricey offers like I’m sure you you’ve
looked for I just wanted 99 cents drink
and you couldn’t find it anywhere
because they’re not offering it to you
they want you to buy the pricey stuff so
it’s all like tested and tracked
like I said I’m not sure about the
fingerprints but I think that’s gonna
change with the dependi Mia and
everything like we’re not gonna be
touching stuff anymore
but they were checking where your eyes
are going and in the men you would flip
and I noticed that like when I go into
airports and I was looking for a product
McDonald’s product and I couldn’t find
it on that menu because that Airport did
not offer it because they were not
selling me enough of it so that’s
interesting so they were around they
were testing and tracking and they were
doing funnels so you know you get all
the way down to the deserts and it’s for
a reason
and you have the regular sandwich and
you’ve got the combos so the upsells
they don’t do down sales though it’s
McDonald’s of course
anyways that’s interesting to know like
you know when you think of it it’s like
oh yeah sure they’re doing funnel
marketing so you have two choices again
we’re loading the page if if you think
you’re ready to create your first funnel
you can go the simpler route and the
cheapest route if you’re on a budget you
can create funnels and WordPress we do
not conform they have a lot of plugins
that do opt-in forms they call it lead
generation some will have a price some
will be free the free ones sometimes
have a funny look but still like just to
dabble around with it and then you
connect it to your tank you page and
then a sales page and then if you have a
one-time offer
but again offer quality products and
then you have to drive traffic to it
because if it stays on your website it’s
not gonna go anywhere there’s also like
I said a lot of new funnel services that
are a cloud hosted I’ve seen offers at
$27 $19 for the whole service not
monthly just $20 so that’s pretty cheap
to start playing around with it again if
that company goes down you’re losing on
your hard work and you cannot back up
those funnels but at least you would
have played with it the other option is
if you are ready and like I said you
have to have a
and if you don’t have a plan don’t start
throwing money at monthly services so
you have to have a plan like I’m gonna
sell this I’m gonna do it that way and
I’m gonna drive traffic that way so you
have to know where you’re going if you
sign up that’s my advice but you do
whatever you want I’m not your mother
so if you’re ready you can always try
the click funnel to the last I heard I
had a 14 days free trial but then if you
forget to unsubscribe it’s gonna be
monthly fees is gonna be out of your
credit card and as as you’re gonna see I
have a link below because I’m an
affiliate for click funnel that you’re
gonna see my disclaimers later on or you
can get the free version of go funnel
which is another funnel service provider
I’m gonna talk to you more on that on
the next page so growth funnel is the
newest in town and I think there was my
picture of the funnel cakes there’s
gonna be more and more because people
are seeing that there’s a lot of money
to be made like so many people signed up
for click funnels the free version and
then the paid version and you know 30
Millions is a lot of money so yes
there’s gonna be more people offering
funnel systems and funnel platforms so
brew funnel is part of a project called
move digital it was created by Mike the
same and another co-founder Mike has
been around I’ve known him since 2005 he
was the co-founder of cart row and he’s
also created butterfly marketing among
other other things he also had
mentorship programs and so he’s he’s a
savvy marketer and he’s also a genuine
guy from what I’ve seen I’ve only met
him a couple of times but you know he’s
not like you know how can I get more
money out of you and I don’t care about
you so he’s not like that so right now
he’s offering there’s a basic plan for a
move digital which
free okay there’s only like three or
four templates in there but if you want
to you know start playing around with
funnels that would be a good entrance
door again it’s cloud-hosted if he
decides to jack his price and you know
say there’s no more fee free version
whatever there’s nothing you can do
about it so again building your house on
landed the rented land is not the best
idea so I signed up for his paying
version of digital because he’s actually
and he’s building it so I don’t think he
has slept in the last six months because
and from when I see his face
he looks like it when he does a live
women or whatever he looks extremely
tired but it’s so ambitious he’s gonna
offer email marketing platform video
platform a shopping cart payment
processor and many of these things are
already like in function blog hosting
funnels of course webpage builder is
gonna be cloud hosted free and email
marketing he says if you have a list of
you know I think it’s above a hundred
thousand people then you’re gonna have
to pay but you know it makes sense like
it’s already costing him so much and so
much more stuff so he wants to do he’s
gonna be the platform of everything you
ever needed on the internet marketing
the good thing is right now he’s
offering because we’re patient oops and
I cannot go back
but because we’re patient and there was
beta testers he’s offering the entire
platform for a one-time fee so no
monthly fees and from 2005 to now I was
appalled to see that marketing services
like Aweber MailChimp and everything
while charging like there was insane
amounts of money like and then you just
slide that thing in and you’re like okay
if everything goes well and I have
10,000 subscriber it’s gonna cost you so
much per month it’s insane
so he’s gonna offer that for free to a
certain degree like I said if you have a
it makes sense like it’s gonna cost him
a lot of bandwidth but for most you only
pay once and you get all the service and
the future products when everything is
up and running so I think we’re rewarded
for our patients so he did a chart and
that’s actually not me doing it but
comparison the lifetime access so if you
look growth page and goo funnels are
pretty much the same thing there are
pages and you just you know slap your
your opt-in form so it becomes a funnel
groove mail like I was saying and that’s
gonna be for a one-time fee it’s a
little more than a thousand four hundred
he’s increasing gradually so that
special is not gonna be around forever
he’s gonna revert to a monthly fee I
hope he doesn’t you know Jack his prices
and then be like all the other ones but
so far that one-time fee you would make
your money back by saving to the
shopping cart the payment processor and
he has video I don’t know what the video
is gonna be exactly about because I
think YouTube is a search engine I’m not
gonna change my videos and host them
over there
so that I would need to know more blogs
again I would keep my wordpress blog I’m
not gonna migrate everything over there
also I’m sorry again so that was
interesting to see the difference in
price so my disclaimer is like I said
I’m an affiliate for blue funnel and
click funnel and groove digital so I
would get a commission you should click
on the links below but I hope I also
delivered some free information and then
I made it clear what a funnel is and
it’s not something you need to get a
funnel you need to know what internet
marketing is and you need to have a plan
that’s the first things don’t jump on
funnels if you don’t know what are you
gonna sell how much are you gonna sell
it how much time do you have to do and
is it gonna be high quality or is it
gonna be you’re thinking that I’ll do a
word document and slap it together and
and put some images and they’ll be it
and that’s gonna be my ebook and you
know because those days are over and
internet marketing you have
deliver and honestly the numbers I’ve
seen is 95% of people told me money on
internet I’ve been lucky to always have
products that even though I was not
actively promoting them we’re still
selling on the internet but things have
changed a lot so many companies have
gone belly down and I’m not talking
about the dot-com crash I’m talking
about the other companies some products
are not good anymore and you have to
sort out what your plan is and if
funnels are for you and if they are well
start for heaven’s sake start with a
free funnel and just play around with it
and see if if you have questions you can
always contact me so again this is my
disclaimer I say here you might not make
money online because most people don’t
actually lose money and the people that
make the most money are the people that
are selling the mining equipment to the
miners so we’re the miners we’re their
little ones trying to figure out and
we’re buying products and products and
I’m sure you’re in that category but you
don’t need products you actually need a
game plan and you need your own product
but you don’t need to buy all those
things that those shiny objects and jump
from one to the other and I know people
that make money without any funnel so
it’s not like okay if you don’t have a
funnel well you’re not gonna make money
but if you do want to dabble with eight
or three funnels and you can always do a
google search like funnel and you’re
gonna have a lot that are gonna come out
the twenty seven dollars one one-time
fee sometimes there’s a little pain oh
well you only have half the page or
whatever so sometimes it’s crooked a bit
but you can always take the 14 days free
trial click funnels or groove digital I
invest in anything investment I invested
that the platform will be fully
functional and then I will get I will
make my money back on the email
service and the shopping cart and the
funnels so I hope it was helpful and if
you have anything just contact me