The top ten reason to use WordPress to build your first website

The top ten reasons to use WordPress® to build your first website

1. Reason number 1 to use WordPress: WordPress is FREE. You can create a full website using WordPress and you will not have to pay a cent. WordPress is under a GNU GPL license (general public license which means:

Anyone is free to run the program for any purpose. Anyone is free to study how the program works and to change it, so it performs computing as you wish. Anyone is free to redistribute copies, so you can help everyone. Anyone is free to distribute copies of your modified versions, giving the community a chance to benefit from your changes.

2.Reason number 2 to use WordPress: WordPress is extremely popular so if you want to hire a programmer to help you, there are a lot available.

3. Reason number to use WordPress: WordPress has a strong community. If you run into problems, there are tons of posts or videos on Worpdress to help you out. There are also real-life WordPress groups in many areas.

4. Reason number 4 to use WordPress: The plugins! Since WordPress is under a General Public License, all the users can modify the program or create plugins that can help in such tasks as creating forms, sharing posts on social media, duplicating pages, etc, etc

WordPress community

5. Reason number 5 to use WordPress: ease of use. Once it is installed, WordPress is as easy to use as a word processor. You do not need coding experience to create a page or a post.

6. Reason number 6: many templates to choose from. WordPress has many pre-made templates to choose from, many are free. Some other templates can cost some money. Beginners should start with free templates until they know their needs.

7. Reason number seven to use WordPress: strong customer support. A person who has a problem with their WordPress installation or use will have no problem getting customer support either by WordPress or its huge community. That is exceptional for a free product.

8. Reason number 8 to use WordPress: WordPress is extremely versatile. You can create a regular blog, an eCommerce, an online course, a membership site, etc with WordPress. People are often shocked to find out that a gorgeous website was built with free WordPress.

9. Reason number 9: easy installation. WordPress can be installed in a couple of minutes through any C-Panel. Instead of waiting days or weeks for a costly webmaster, a person using WordPress can have their site up and running in minutes.

10. Reason number 10 to use WordPress: 30% of all existing websites are WordPress. WordPress is a solid product that will be around for a long time. Furthermore, its strong community keeps improving WordPress tools.

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