Creating a webinar: the learning curve

Creating a webinar

While creating a webinar, there are all kinds of obstacles. It helps to use steps to make the process of creating a webinar as simple as possible.

The five steps to a successful webinar

  1. Step 1. Decide the purpose of your webinar. A webinar could be to inform people about a certain topic. It could be to sell a product which is what most webinars do. Either way, it helps a lot to create your webinar to put down the structure that it will have like the first part will be valuable info, then the sales pitch, and then the Q and Q which is usually just the sales pitch again in most webinars I have seen.
  2. Step 2. Create the webinar per se. You can decide to either just record yourself as a talking head but you have to deliver valuable content. You can decide to interview an expert who is usually the one offering the product or service and you get a commission. You can also decide to record a Powerpoint presentation and record audio as you go along. A webinar could be a demonstration of a cool new product like Steve Jobs was doing when he was revealing the latest Apple product.
  3. Step3. Have a clear call-to-action and a link to a pre-set-up product or course or FREE product to give away. Usually, a clickable link under the webinar will guide the people to the sales page or opt-in list or directly to the check out page.
  4. Step4. Follow-up with the attendees as many will have left the webinar without buying or registering. Many very successful marketers say they convert with their follow-up very well.
  5. Step5. Many online marketers offer a replay of the webinar. Again, this way you get more people to take you on your offer. Some marketers will display such things as the name of people opting-in (but we know it is a replay) and fake questions or a count-down timer that is always there. These used phony tactics, in the long run, will hurt your webinar more than it will help your conversion as people are catching on to them. In the process, you will also lose credibility.


Tricks to make your webinar more successful

  1. Trick #1. A webinar I attended was offering free video software to those who stayed until the end. That tactic worked great for me as I stayed until the end.
  2. Trick#2. Some webinars are drawing gift cards and that seems very popular. The trick is to wait after the sales pitch so people have to stay around.
  3. Another trick would be to have a drawing for your product. For all of those who did not win, this will create the desire for the product they did not win.
  4. Having a Q and A after the presentation might help convert people whoa re on the fence to buy the product you are offering.
  5. A replay of the webinar will bring you more sales. People can be informed that you have a replay of the webinar through your email marketing.
  6. Scarcity like we only have 50 kits or we can only accept 10 people in our coaching program are still very popular. People though are growing more and more immune to them. Sometimes, they are so obvious that they can actually hurt your webinar success.
  7. Being genuine and honest will help a lot your webinar’s success. People can spot a liar or a person who exaggerates and this will hurt your conversion.
  8. Limiting your webinar to a certain duration is essential. You are not doing a telethon and people will opt-out of a three-hour webinar without buying.
  9. Make sure your offer is clear and what your product is about is also clear. Being vague will only hurt your sales. Also making impossible promises will hurt your sales.
  10. Rehearse your webinar and check your material especially for a life webinar. Technical problems such as having poor audio, no visual, etc will have people leaving your webinar.
  11. BONUS tip: practice makes perfect. Your first webinar will probably be your worst. If you care about delivering good info and helping people, it will show and that is all that matters.

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