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How to make money promoting products from Clickbank Marketplace

How to make money promoting products from ClickBank Marketplace (ClickBank is a trademark not associated with this website. If you click on a link, we get a commission. This is what affiliate marketing is about). There are tricks and tips to successfully promote products on ClickBank. First you need to open an account which is […]

The top ten flaws an affiliate marketer should avoid

The top ten mistakes affiliate marketers have to avoid If you are new to affiliate marketing, you might be looking for great products to promote. You have decided to jump start your online business by taking the shortcut of promoting other people’s products in exchange for a commission and bypassing the product creation, customer support […]

The 11 best things about an affiliate online business

The 11 best elements of affiliate online business:   No product creation and no customer service problems Growing your list as you promote as an affiliate thus making money A unique testing opportunity of products without wasting your time creating them. An occasion to learn how to set-up your own affiliate program when the time […]

Affordable Funnel builders

Affordable Funnel builders I just answered this question on Quora: What are some affordable marketing automation platforms? Ideally, I’d like something under 800$ per month with features like lead scoring, tracking throughout my conversion funnel, SEO analytics and CRM integration?   Hi, As an internet marketer and a website owner, I find that the usual […]