How to make money promoting products from Clickbank Marketplace

How to make money promoting products from ClickBank Marketplace

(ClickBank is a trademark not associated with this website. If you click on a link, we get a commission. This is what affiliate marketing is about).

There are tricks and tips to successfully promote products on ClickBank.

First you need to open an account which is pretty straight forward at

Write down your password as it is not you typical format. They are asking for two capital letters and two symbols, etc

Choose your account nickname which will be the name that you will put in all Clickbanks hoplinks. Often, you get a link with xxxx in it. You need to replace the xxxx by your account nickname.

How to make money promoting ClickBank products

Browse the marketplace area. In choosing what product to promote, keep in mind:

  1. What your niche site is about. Promoting products relevant to your niche is important to convert well.
  2. You can choose form the category bar on the left.
  3. The results reflect the most popular products in order
  4. You can change the result display to reflect the products by the biggest commissions. If you want to make a living as an affiliate, you need to promote products that pay at least one hundred dollars per lead. Some products offer recurring commissions which is even more lucrative.
  5. Make sure to only promote products that you use or would buy. A great way to know if a product is in line with your business is to watch the webinar or read the salespage. You might find that the product even though it pays well is not a good fit for your customers.
  6. As an added due diligence you can do a search with the product or the product creator in Google and add the terms “scam” or review. Beware that most first results are affiliate “review” hence promoting the product. Those fake reviews are too biased. Many marketers use the word scam to draw attention and clicks but you can see by the first couple of lines of their article with their affiliate links that these are not real links.
  7. Ideally, do not promote directly to the product page and have a bridge page. This page has two simple goals : to capture your visitor’s email and to make a smoother transition to the product unless your article is about the product per se. For instance if my article is about the Rich Dad summit, I do not necessarily need a bridge page. A bridge page is more required if you are taking people from a browsing site like Youtube and Facebook and bringing them to a selling page.