Why should I sell my courses online?

Selling your courses online is a great way to build your brand

Actually, many digital marketers have built a huge list by giving away their courses for FREE!

Selling your courses online has many benefits.

Why teach your courses online

Here are the top 10 reasons to sell your courses online:

  1. Set it once, get paid forever
  2. Reach a huge audience, especially if you use a very popular platform like Thinkific or Udemy.
  3. No shipping, no handling. The delivery is digital.
  4. Building your brand and added exposure. You are seen as the expert because you have an online course.
  5. You can easily update your course by uploading new material
  6. You can build your list of your customer who know, like and trust you
  7. You can teach people worldwide without having to spend much on publicity
  8. If you have a great course, the word-of-mouth will take its momentum and will auto-generate more referrals to your course
  9. You can make money while you sleep!
  10. You don’t have to repeat the same things over and over as opposed to one-on-one teaching.