How to make money selling your courses online?

Making money by selling your courses online is a great way to have recurrent income

You can sell your courses online by using such platforms as Udemy but you need to pay Udemy a percentage of your sales. On the pros of using Udemy for selling your courses online, you get exposure from the huge traffic Udemy gets everyday. You also do not have to set-up anything as Udemy is a well-established platform where you just need to upload your files. They do the rest. On top of all this, you benefit from all the publicity and promotions Udemy does.

At the time of writing, it was still possible to upload a free mini-course (less than 2 hours of videos) on Udemy and get all the free exposure from there.

Thinkific is a solid platform to host your online courses and many successful digital marketers sell their courses through them. Again, you benefit from the huge traffic the platform has and promotions. You also do not have to figure out how to create your online course as their templates are easy to upload your entire course to. Unfortunately, the cost of using Thinkific with its monthly fees can add up.

Thinkific free trial

Now, if you’ve been thinking of creating your own online course with Thinkific, I’ve got good news for you. If you sign up through me, you’ll get your first month covered! You’ll get access to their most popular plan, and plenty of resources and bonuses to help you ramp up quickly.

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There are ways to host your courses on your WordPress website but they require that you install a membership plug-in, a content management system, a shopping cart, a Payment processor and drive traffic to your courses. Furthermore, WordPress has sometimes security issues and can be hacked.

That is not to say that you should not host your courses on your WordPress site. You may want to use Thinkific and your WordPress site as you can get running faster on Thinkific until you figure out your own hosting. Or you may choose to host your courses on both platforms as it is acceptable to have your course on Thinkific and on other platforms. This way, you get the best of both worlds!