Video Marketing to make money online

Make money online with video marketing

I love making videos. I think they are fun once you have the right tool. Making a video does not feel like working when you have fun. For those of you who do not like to make videos, there are a lot of providers on Fiverr that you can hire for very cheap. You should nto pay more than 10 to 20$ for a simple videos. Some Fiverr providers will charge you hundreds of dollars but they are ripping you off.

Why is video so important in your internet marketing strategy? Well, simply put we are in a society where people love speed. Most people will not even watch your video all the way even if it’s two minutes long. You need to grab their attention. The power of videos also lies in the fact that they get shared thus multiplying your effect.

Creating a video should not be complicated. You just need to get your message across, not make a Hollywood movie!

Groove Funnels

Creating videos with your blog posts

There are many software that use a simple technology called text to speech where you just copy-paste your blog post and can create a video in no time. It also has the advantage that yo do not have to speak if you are a shy person.

These video makers come with backgrounds you can chose from and add text and are pretty decent.

Grroove Digital (the makers of Groove Funnels has announced that their platform will also include a video part- the details are coming soon. In the meantime, they are offering a one time fee for unlimited and lifetime use of their platform that will include webinar, funnels, email marketing, shopping cart, payment processing and the kitchen sink!

I am not sure what the Groove videos parts will be but knowing Mike Filsaime, it will be a high quality product. In the meantime, I am using VideoRobot and it does the job of creating decent quality videos rapidly.

For Groove videos, they say it will be available in July 2020 but to get the highly discounted entire platform (and avoid paying monthly fees) you need to get it now at