Email marketing: meh!

Email marketing is said to be the holy grail of making money online. We all heard the saying “the money is in your list” pounded many times during internet marketing seminars.

Unfortunately, I am lukewarm about email marketing from both sides of the equation.

As a person receiving way too many emails, I confess to be a serial unsubscriber!. I also hate it when people put me on their list without asking my permission like after I purchase from them. Buying their products and wanting to get their (sometimes multiple) daily emails is two different things.

I also hate it when marketers (or should I call them spammers) either “forget” to put the unsubscribe link at the end of their emails or put it light gray on white so we can’t see it.

My biggest pet peeves though is when you unsubscribe and they keep sending you emails or so it takes 4 to 6 weeks to process your unsubscribe request. Do they think we are dumb enough to believe that when it took one second to subscribe?

Email marketing as a marketer

I am a shy person and do not like to bother people or impose myself on them so email marketing feels unatural to me. We all know a marketer that sends us way too much emails (many per day).

At one point the relationship between the marketer sending too many email and its customer feels like a stalking one.

I know some internet marketers would freak out at the thought of me “leaving money on the table” by not marketing by emails to my list and I am okay with that. Maybe someone else needs that money that I left on the table.

Last, all the email marketing companies have raised their fees to a ridiculous amount. I freaked out when I say their price sliders according to how many subscribers you have. This is outrageous!

Luckily, there is an opportunity window with Groove Digital who is offering a shopping cart, web page builder, funnel builder, etc, etc and an email marketing software for a one-time cheap price (the equivalent of 6 months of one email service. They are offering that very small price compared to all the other services because they are in Beta and want to get momentum.

Grab it here while you can:

Email marketing service