Top ten reasons to still build a website for your business

The top 10 reasons to build a website for your business

  1. Even though funnels are very popular and convert well, you need to offer great information to your customers. Why not have both funnels and a website?
  2. Even though social media are great for exposure, they can change the rules or even ban your account as they please
  3. A website is one of the biggest assets your business will have. It will be difficult to build momentum and get traffic but once you get the flow going, it will take a life of its own
  4. If you decide to sell the business, a website with lots of traffic adds lots of value.
  5. You can start building your list with the visitors that are already interested in your product and information who visit your 10 reasons to build your website
  6. You are the boss of your website and are not controlled by rules of social media platforms that forbid you to do this and that.
  7. You can brand your website to your liking. When you are using social media, you have a certain look that you can only modify so much to reflect your image.
  8. Building your website is very affordable. If you are using such free software as WordPress, you only need to pay a couple of bucks per month for hosting
  9. Your website builds over time to become a huge source of information for your customers. Build it once and they use it all life long.
  10. Building your website allows you to be creative. You can design and write your heart out on your website or build a gameboard like TheBigInternetMarketingGame