The rebirth of the website is coming!

Rebirth of the website 3.0

The website is going to make a comeback after being tossed aside by such things as funnels.

Customers will always need websites to get their information and get to know, like, and trust digital marketers.

Please do not get me wrong. I think funnels are awesome and for people who know what they want and do not want to waste any time, they are fantastic shortcuts. But for those who like to test drive many cars before committing to one, a website is a great way to layout all the info and experience you have.

the rebirth of the website


So then, why is this post filled with links to a free funnel builder?

Because to put it simply, a funnel builder is actually a website builder as you can create as many webpages as you want. So, both are compatible and work together. Get your free funnel, I mean website builder now by clicking on the image below now.

free funnel for digital marketing