How to use images and videos to get more exposure

How to use videos and images to get more exposure

Getting your message across is getting harder as competition online is growing at an astounding rate.

People are busier and click faster than ever. In this context, presenting powerful images and videos will increase your visibility in a crowded market.

Stock images can be very expensive. That is the reason, I recommend you go to Pixabay where they have loads of FREE pictures. You can then modify the pictures to make them unique (the license gives you the right to do so).

Click on this image to get instant access to your website builder


You might also want to play around on a website called Lunapic, again absolutely free to use. You can remove background, animate an image, etc. Why pay so much for other image software? This cool cube was created in one minute on Lunapic. Click on it.


Image for digital marketing

Lunapic also offers fun animation for your images like this one:

using images for digital marketing

Whatever you decide, remember that your ultimate goal is to get eyes on your message and offers

Using images for online marketing