The top 10 ways to stop wasting time for a newbie digital marketer

Top 10 ways to stop wasting time for newbie digital marketer

Turn off any and all notifications. We are all drawn from one direction to the next one. YOU NEED FOCUS. If you have any notification on, turn it off. Honestly, if it is important news, you will hear about it soon enough.

Unsubscribe from most email lists. How many times have you regretted buying this and that product? I know. If you unsubscribe from most lists, I promise you will not miss out on much and will have plenty of time.

Unplug your television and Youtube. Yes, videos of cats will up your spirit momentarily and that is a good thing but allow yourself a very short period of “wasted time” and then come back to your task.

Make lists! Nothing feels better than striking off stuff on the to-do list. You will realize that you are accomplishing way more than you think. Good job!

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Stop learning and start creating. To be honest, your first posts/products/ whatever will not be great but you learn how to make bread by making bread. there is nothing like real-life experience to learn. Stop being so hard on yourself and start creating. This is your legacy to the world. it does not need to be perfect.

Take a good look at your daily tasks and realize that many are time-wasters and need to be cut-down. You will not even miss them.

Do not be afraid to ask for help and hire assistants either virtual or live. you cannot do everything and an assistant or many is a solid investment in your online business.

Get the right tools. Many businesses are offering digital marketing tools that will save you tons of time wasted. they have done the work and are worth their weight in gold like GrooveDigital, an all-in-one platform offering email marketing, funnel building, online course hosting, webinar hosting, shopping cart, etc, etc. Grab their insane one-time payment for everything NOW.

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