The top software that a digital marketer needs in 2020

The top 7 software that a digital marketer needs in 2020

  1. An auto-responder. Having a list is a huge asset for any digital marketing. By being able to communicate with your customers directly, you are shielding yourself against any change in algorithms from the big social media or search engines. You can also promote directly a new product as an affiliate that will benefit your customers and can potentially make you good revenue.
  2. A website or funnels. You need a platform to explain your offers and products. Social media have great traffic but often present constraints and restrictions on what you can say or do. Having your own medium that you can control gives you the freedom of speech that you need.                                                                                                   Click on the treasure chest to get instant access to a FREE funnel builder and a FREE shopping cart NOW!                                                             The Big Internet Marketing Game
  3. A webinar hosting platform. Webinars are great for building trust and sharing useful information with your potential customers.
  4. A video hosting platform, If you want to add videos to your websites, you will need a place to host them so your site is not slowed down.
  5. A shopping cart to offer your products regardless if they are physical products or digital products.
  6. A payment processor to be able to accept payments.
  7. An affiliate marketplace. Whether you want to offer your products to affiliate to promote or become an affiliate yourself, a marketplace is a software you need.                                                                                                                                       If you were to get all these software separately, they would cost you thousands of dollars per year but you can get access to GrooveDigital for a one-time fee by clicking on the image below!funnel marketing for digital business