The 11 mistakes to avoid with backlinks to your website or funnel

The top 11 mistakes to avoid with backlinks

  1. Exchanging reciprocal links. Exchanging a link for a link back to the website linking to you makes a loop that could void each link or even worst get your website penalized by the search engines
  2. Buying links from a “link farm”. Some providers are selling lots of links at a low price. These links are of no value and can again get you penalized.
  3. Buying links for a high price. Those links selling for over one hundred dollars per link are legit but if you are on a budget, this is not the best way to get quality links.
  4. Spamming your links on forums or comments sections will have your website or funnels penalized again.
  5. Not getting any link and hoping to get organic traffic.
  6. Spending too much time trying to get links and neglecting to develop your website, funnel, or products. The broken links strategy or reaching out to high DA sites to get links by doing guest posts make sense for digital companies that are well established and have the staff to do it.mistakes to avoid with backlinks
  7. Participating in a complicated link exchange network. Instead of reciprocal links, some digital marketers created networks of links. This way, site A links to site B which links to site C which links back to site A. Theoretically this could work but often if you do not know the other digital marketers well, they will remove the link to your site and you will have wasted your time.
  8. Irrelevant links. If your brother-in-law who has a website for his garage links to your make-up tips blog, the search engines might see this link as irrelevant.
  9. Being stingy with your links. Having the mentality of only linking to sites that are linking to yours is an error. The search engines value if you link to relevant sites even if they are not linking to you.
  10. Neglecting some good links. Most links on social media are no-follow meaning you are not getting an active link to your site or funnel. These links though are great to get you traffic and should be valued.
  11. Not optimizing your links with relevant keywords. If your page is about mistakes in backlinks that is what your link should be called. Furthermore, your page getting the link should be about mistakes in backlinks so that this all makes sense for the search engines.

BONUS mistake about links! Do not forget to have relevant internal linking on your own website.

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