Social media marketing for Newbies

Social media marketing for Newbies

New digital marketers are bombarded by so many conflicting advice. They are told to do video marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing. Twitter marketing, Facebook ads, article marketing, etc.

How does a newbie decide what to do to make the most out of their social media marketing?

Here are the top 7 factors to consider for social media marketing for Newbies

What are you good at? Newbies should determine if they are good at doing videos, posting quotes, writing short blurbs, etc, and then choose what social media platform they want to use most for their social media marketing.

Where does your target audience hang out most? Linkedin has a more professional audience while TikTok is more frequented by people looking for funny videos. If you know where your customers are hanging out, you will have a better chance of reaching them.

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Social media marketing for Newbies

Do you have a clear strategy? If you do not know what your strategy is, you risk wasting your time on social media.

Do you have a good product or value to offer to the people you are targetting in your social media marketing?

Are you a persistent person? All newbies should know that in order to build a social media presence you have to be a patient person. Success rarely happens overnight.

Are you a disciplined person? You have to post consistently on social media to build your brand and keep your followers informed.

Do you care about people? If you are only interested in selling to people without offering any value, it will show and your digital marketing business might never take off.

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social media marketing for newbies