The top 11 tools to help digital marketing with your WordPress blog

The top 12 tools to help digital marketing with your WordPress blog

  1. The first tool to help online marketing with your WordPress blog: a plugin called Blog2social.Once you have written a great post, you can go to your Blog2social plugin in your left menu and share your post on over 10 social media at the click of a button! Before you can post, you will need to set-up the authorizations for the plugin to access your social media accounts. That process takes a couple of minutes. you only need to do it once. Then, every time your blast your post to over 10 social media in one second, you will be amazed. Since the plugin is posting to such sites as Pinterest and Instagram, you will need at least one image in your post so that it looks great. Most links from such social media are no-follow so that will not improve your S.E.O. but it will definitely help maximize your content for free and in one second.
  2. The second tool to help digital marketing with a WordPress blog: a plugin called Akismet.

    Akismet is another free WordPress plugin that will prevent spam comments. It needs to be activated by a key. You will be guided through the installation after downloading the plugin. There are so many spam comments on WordPress blogs that you can choose altogether to disable comments on your blog. You will have fewer interactions with your audience and will have less user-generated content but you will not get spammy garbage content. You can disable comments by going into Settings on your left nav bar in your WordPress dashboard- Discussion- and then uncheck anyone can comment.
  3. The third tool to help make money online with WordPress blog: a plugin called Cartflows.Cartflows has a free version of its plugin that offers some funnels templates for you to use. You can create an opt-in page that will be linked to your free product and then has either a thank you page or a one time offer. WIth Cartflows you can easily start playing with funnel building. You can also sign-up for a free account at GrooveFunnels and create your cloud-hosted funnels easily. Furthermore, you can link those funnels to your blog and get some linking juice for free. Groovefunnels offers a free lifetime account that contains limited funnel templates or a one-time fee for everything on its platform including an email responder, a webinar hosting, membership hosting, a shopping cart, a payment processor, etc.                     Groove Funnels
  4. The fourth tool to help internet marketing with WordPress blog: a plugin called WP Fresh Start (costs $)

    WordPress Fresh Start is a plugin that costs a little but delivers so much (I have not found a free plugin that does the same thing. If you do, please contact me). Basically, after you install the plugin, you can create all your terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer pages with one click. This plugin is robust and a must-have.
  5. The fifth tool to help digital marketing with a WordPress blog: a free WordPress builder called Elementor

    This site is built with Elementor, a WordPress builder that requires no coding. It does have a learning curve but it allows you to create fun unique pages. You can create one template that will be used for all your blog posts and actually write your blog posts simply in the regular WordPress editor for simplicity. Like many of the other plugins mentioned on this page, Elementor has a paying version but you can go a long way with the free one just like with most of the other plugins.                                                                                              How to use blog for online marketing
  6. The sixth tool to help to make money online with a WordPress blog: a free plugin called MainWP

    MainWp is a great free tool if you have many WordPress blogs and want to access them from one console. It also offers great features that will help you speed-up your blogs like deleting the themes you re not using. If you are designing websites at one point (as WordPress does not require any coding but that is our little secret) and have clients paying you to create their website, having access to all the websites you are designing in one console can be time-saving.
  7. The seventh tool to help digital business with WordPress: an email marketing account.Since you will be building your list and capturing email addresses, you will need an email marketing service. There are many available like Mailchimp which offers a free account for the first 500 subscribers. Getting that free account to begin with until you get more subscribers is a sound decision. Other digital marketers prefer Aweber as their interface is prettier.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Aweber email marketing
    You will not be surprised that I recommend GrooveMail as you can have access to all the GrooveDigital products for a one-time fee which will include mail marketing service, funnel builder, webinar hosting, membership hosting, shopping cart, etc. Please click on the link Aweber image above and click on pricing. Thye also offers a free version for your first 500 subscribers but if your list grows, you can play with their price sliding scale which is pretty scary. Email marketing services were very cheap in 2000 and then one company started the sliding scale monthly pricing and they all followed. Fortunately, GrooveMail is a one-time fee for lifetime access (no monthly fee- for now)
  8. The eight tool to help you make money online with WordPress: is a great free online image creation site. They have templates for any kind of image you want to create. Furthermore, they have the right size for social media posting. For example, you can put in the search bar “Pinterest” and then you can modify the image to your liking by simply clicking on a few buttons. The free version is sufficient and you can save your designs. The beauty of this is that in the name of “branding” your post should use the same templates and you can change the color or image so it is easy to create the image you need in a couple of minutes. If you need more pics, see the ninth tool.
  9. The ninth tool to help you make money online with WordPress: is fantastic and FREE! They offer 1.8 million free images and illustrations. All the images on this website are from Pixabay. The download is easy. You will never pay again for a picture. They even have short 4K videos. They will offer you paid pictures but the free ones are way sufficient.                                                           If you see a picture that you like but do not like the colors, you can always modify it in Paint (with the little color bucket). I love Paint 3D but Windows announced that it is going to let it die of natural causes. Meanwhile, I use it almost daily for fun projects.                                                                                                Make money online with digital marketing

  10. The tenth tool to help internet marketing with WordPress: OpenOffice.

    If you have Windows Office, you are all set. If you do not have Windows office, you can get OpenOffice here: or LibreOffice here:  Since they are Open Source so this means they are free. They offer the same functions as Windows like Word, PDF creator, PowerPoint (which is very useful to create webinars), Draw, and Excel.
  11. The eleventh tool to help online marketing with WordPress: Google Analytics and MonsterInsights

    Google Analytics is a free WordPress plugin that gives you stats as to how many visitors you had in a day, where they came from, how long they stayed on your site etc. It needs to be set-up but they give you clear instructions. It is a great tool to help you focus on what works and correct what does not work on your blog.
  12. The twelfth tool to help your digital business with WordPress: a free plugin called Yoast SEO

    Yoast SEO is like having an experienced SEO person next to you and reminding you what to do to have your posts and pages optimized for the search engines for free. It has a system of red-orange or green light so you can see what needs attention. It is a great tool for on-site Search engine optimization.