The top 8 considerations for work-at-home mom

The top 8 considerations for a work-at-home mom

  1.  Is there time in your day to grow a digital business? You do not want to burn yourself out by working your regular job, being a full-time mom, and launching an online business.
  2. Are you getting the support of your family and spouse?
  3. Will it require an investment that you cannot afford like a laptop, a good phone, etc?
  4. Do you have an idea of what your niche will be? What is your passion?

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  5. Why do you want to start a digital marketing business? Making money is not an answer that is precise enough.
  6.  Are you a person who gives up at the first obstacle? Because there will be tons of obstacles.
  7.  Are you aware that it will take you many months before you see results from your online work?
  8. Do you need money urgently? Because online marketing might not be the solution