The top 11 digital marketing lies

The top 11 digital marketing lies

This post could have been titled the top 200 digital marketing lies as there as so many lies in online marketing. For simplicity purposes, we will limit ourselves to the top 11 “make money online” lies.

You will have a tsunami (horde, wave, unstoppable whatever) of avid buyers rushing to your site at the click of a button.

Marketer saying I am in the business of helping you. Nah! You re in the business of making money.

Any revenue claim is highly exaggerated and is more than often the gross sales, not the net which makes a world of a difference.

The overinflated value of the product and the bonuses. The winner so far had a value of over 200 000$! and he was selling it for 47$!


top 11 lies in digital marketing



The fake scarcity: we only have 50. They are digital products. You have an infinity of it and we all know it.

Again, their income is supposed to be in the millions and yet they are practically begging us for over 30 minutes to get their crappy products.

They have too many lucrative business opportunities that they need people just like you to take some of the very lucrative opportunities off of their hands. Nah, they want your money.

This offer will never be shown again. Copy the page URL and come back anytime, 99% of the time it will be there.

Not necessarily a frank lie but a lie by omission. They show you their three to five customers who made it but forget to mention the thousands of others who just lost the money they paid the marketer.

When they claim over and over that they do not care if you buy, that they do not need your money. Why have they been literally begging for the last two hours?

One product that has been overdelivering is GrooveDigital

They offer a FREE funnel builder for life and that is no marketing lie.  Of course, they are marketers (and good ones) and they are hoping you will upgrade to their entire platform of email marketing service, webinar service, shopping cart, funnel builder, cloud hosting etc.

The top 11 lies in digital marketing