Podcasting for digital marketing

Podcasting for digital marketing

There are millions of podcasts and it is for a reason. Michelle Obama just launched her podcast and it is for a reason. Podcasts are extremely popular as people love to listen to them while exercising or driving in their cars.

If you are in digital marketing, you might consider starting your own podcast. You have to know certain things about Podcasting though:

The top 15 things you should know about podcasting:

  1. You do not need fancy and expensive equipment to do your podcast. A quality microphone will cost less than 50$ and you certainly do not need a studio.
  2. You should rehearse your podcast especially if you plan on streaming it live. You need at least a good outline so you don’t go silent for long periods.
  3. Unless you are famous, you might have 0 listeners for your first podcasts and that is perfectly fine. Many people will listen to podcasts after they are recorded. Even if you know there is no one listening to your podcast, pretend like you are talking to a crowd of avid listeners.
  4. You don’t need a great voice to do podcasts. Many famous podcasters have the squeakiest and most annoying voice but people love them. Be authentic, that is what people are craving.
  5. Controversy in podcasting is good to a certain degree. Just like most popular radio shows, when people do not agree, that fuels the fire and engagement. Just keep it decent though.Podcasting for digital marketing
  6. Unless your podcast is specifically about that, politics, religion, and sexual orientation are subjects best avoided, unless you want to create controversy.
  7. The more podcasts you will do, the better you will be at it. Hence, your first podcast will be most probably terrible. Just like a first pancake!
  8. If you already have videos online, you can easily extract the audio from them and create your podcast. You are creating new rich content and reaching a new audience.
  9. Consistency is key. If you want to have a vital podcasting channel, you need to post regularly juts like a video channel.
  10. Q and As at the end of your podcast are great to create content and have people engage on your podcast. You have to be a strong moderator though as people tend to go overboard.
  11. There are three main podcast platforms that you should focus your attention on:  Apple, Google, and Spotify.
  12. These three biggest podcast platforms do not host your podcast so you have to find a different hosting.
  13. You should not host your podcasts episodes on your website as they take way too much bandwidth and would slow your website to almost a complete stop,
  14. There are a few free podcast hosting platforms. The problem is that if they close, you will lose all your podcasts. The other hosting companies are charging a lot of money (too much), often on a monthly basis.
  15. Your podcasts, like your blogs or websites, are evergreen content that can send you traffic for years to come.

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