22 secrets to video marketing for digital entrepreneurs

22 secrets to video marketing for digital entrepreneurs

  1. Post frequently. Make sure you do your keyword research first and then post frequent high-quality content.
  2. Be authentic. Resist the temptation to critique yourself and just have fun.  Most of all though, be yourself. That is what people like. Trying to be someone you are not is a recipe for catastrophe.
  3. Enable comments. YouTube wants people to interact and that means allowing comments. If you are sensitive, you can altogether not read the comments. The best though would be to interact and answer every comment. Remember that there will always be haters. That is their problem, not yours.
  4. React to the comments. A second way to interact with your viewers is by reacting to their comments by clicking on the emoji function. It has been said that likes do not count and that would be the reason why we see more and more YouTubers hearting comments.
  5. Create an attention-grabbing thumbnail. By default, your video’s thumbnail is a random image pulled from the video. You can change that thumbnail by using a catchy one that you can create in minutes on Canva.com
  6. Make the first 10 seconds of your video attention-grabbing. You can take example of those teasers they have on television right before going to a commercial break like ” when we come back, find out how this puppy saved a baby.” or ” Florida prepares for the worst.”
    video marketing for a newbie
  7. In the name of branding, your videos should have similar formats. Your viewers will come back to your channel because they like your style. Give it to them.
  8. People love to hear stories. Listening to a  captivating story will pull-in your viewers and keep them listening.
  9. Limit yourself to your topic. If you try to tell everything you know, you will drain your viewers and they will leave. It is always good to have them want more.
  10. If you run out of subject ideas, ask for suggestions. Your viewers will be delighted to give their opinion and will feel like they are an important part of your channel.

    video marketing for newbies

  11. Read Youtube’s rules and follow them.
  12. If a comment is particularly nasty, either ignore it or thank the viewer for his opinion. By keeping your calm, you are scoring so much more points than if you jump in and start arguing. Furthermore, you might even convert the person to your opinion and acquire a new customer!
  13. Shield yourself from bad comments. There will always be mean people. If you decide to put yourself out there, it is a risk you are taking.
  14. Your first videos will be the worst. You will get better and faster at creating great content as you gain momentum.
  15. Reposting your videos on your website is a good idea. Make sure to use the embedding code provided when you upload your video to YouTube.
  16. YouTube makes it easy to share your video. There is a button under your video that looks like an arrow. This enables you to share your video with your friends but it also allows you to share your video through many of your social media accounts. You get a lot more bangs for your buck that way.
  17. Look at your video analytics. They provide valuable information on the number of views each video got and how long people watched your video, etc. You can then do more of what worked best.
  18. You are allowed to ask your viewers to like, subscribe, and share your videos. That is the reason you hear so many people saying it in their videos.
  19. Decide if video marketing is for you. If after a while, you still are not having fun creating videos, maybe you need to outsource this task or use a different marketing strategy.
  20. There is huge competition for video marketing. People are jumping right and left into creating videos. If you create quality content consistently, your channel will grow over time.
  21. Send traffic to your channel yourself. Youtube has a lot of traffic but it’s like a very crowded train station. Everybody moving in all directions. If you send directed traffic to your videos through links in emails, on your site, on your social media they will land on your video and give it good traffic.
  22. It has been said that you can create 50 channels under the same YouTube account. Although juggling 50 channels would be a tremendous task, separating your niches if they are different is a great idea.

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