The top 10 mistakes to avoid when blogging

Blogging can help you make money online if done right

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There are mistakes though that you have to avoid in blogging that will cost you money if you do not respect them.


Here are the top 10 mistakes to avoid if you want to make money blogging

  1. Not writing enough. This is the biggest mistake and it is two folds: if you are not blogging frequently enough and if your blog posts are too short. The search engines love fresh material so you need to “feed” them regularly with updated content. Some advanced SEO experts go as far as saying that quality matters over quantity and that rewriting old posts would actually get you better search engines love than posting new blog posts. You also have to keep in mind your visitors who follow you. Providing them with good new information is a good way to keep them coming back to your blog.
  2. Writing about something that not many people care about. If you are writing about choosing the right worms for fishing, well your audience might be limited. Also, you might run out of fresh content to produce as this does not seem like a vast subject but maybe we are wrong in assuming so?! 🤣 If a niche has competition that is a good sign that there is a market for it. On the other hand, too much competition might make your voice harder to hear. You also have to determine how your blog can make you money. Are there products you can sell in your niche? Can you create a valuable course that is not available everywhere online?
  3. Giving-up too soon is the reason 95% of all blogs never make any money. Creating a blog, posting a couple of posts and expecting a flood of traffic is unreasonable unless you are a celebrity. It takes at least one to three years of high-quality and regular content posting for your blog to rank well. Are you up for the challenge? Profitable blogging  takes time, hard work, and dedication. Do you have a good blog topic to produce content for that long?
  4. Not Promoting Your Blog. The search engines are rewarding quality content and robot generated or blogs created at the click of a button are as good as non-existent. These days, it’s absolutely vital to get out there and start promoting your blog. It is easy to share your blog content on the social media and using such a free plugin as Blog2Social can help you do that very fast.
  5. Low quality blogging. Writing non-sense or scraping content or spinning articles is as good as doing nothing. Actually, it will penalize your blog and will have a negative effect. If you are running out of ideas on what to write on your blog, just do a search with your keywords, read different articles and then rewrite what you just read in your own words. DO not copy anything, just write and summarize what you just read or saw on videos in your won words.
  6. Not Building a List or not having a clear blogging goal. If you are writing to put your soul online, by all means keep blogging. If you want to make money blogging, you need a clear marketing strategy. Do you want to sell your own products? Do you want to sell affiliate products? Do you want to build your list? Do you want to build your blog and then resell it for profits? Do you want to direct your visitors into funnels? etc
  7. Creating Bad Content. Even if you get everything else right, creating bad content will destroy your chances of getting considerable traffic and making decent money. The search engines take into account how long your visitors stay on your site. If they land on your site and leave right away, the search engines will assume that your content is not good enough for the keywords you ranked and will stop showing your blog in the top results.
  8. Not connecting with your audience. Blogging is much more than just posting content. It’s about connecting with your audience on a personal level, too. If you fail to do this, you’re going to find that your content isn’t shared as much and your visitors don’t come back. You blog has to create engagement and interest. Allowing comments is a good way to get more engagement but is an open door to spammers. You choose what is best for your blog
  9. Trying to trick the search engines by stuffing keywords. Keywords is like the sun. Too much of it will burn you! A natural writing pace and using synonyms will usually get the right amount of keywords in your blog posts.
  10. Backlink Spamming. Ok, 1999 is calling and they want their old tactics back! This is another very old, outdated tactic that is just as likely to get you penalized as it is to help you. You do need backlinks. They need to be organic links from quality sites. Google can spot link spamming a mile away now and will penalize your blog for it.

Bonus mistake #11: making the blog all about you. Again, there is the small exception if you are a celebrity or an influencer. But if you are not, making your reader feel like the celebrity is a great way to get them to love your blog.


Have fun blogging. It will show! Consider using Thrive Themes for WordPress as it will save you hours of figuring things out.