How to spot digital marketing scams or useless products

How to recognize scams or useless digital marketing products or programs

Online marketing scams are all over and the shady marketers are usually running away with want to be marketers seduced by get rich quick schemes. The only one getting rich though is the marketer selling his useless products through a brilliant sales pages.

How to avoid online marketing scams

The few honest marketers who made it and share their experience all agree: they have worked very hard for a long period of time to get at the level they are and make the income they make.

The other ones that made loads of money praying on gullible newbies come and go. Many have made millions only to spend it all on frivolous expensive toys. The FTC and other legal authorities have closed down on such schemes but you have to save yourself for wasting time and money following those scams.

Do not waste money on useless digital marketing products such as the following list.

Here are the top 20 kind of digital marketing products that you should not waste your money on

  1. Software that does not work
  2. Outdated e-books
  3. Content that can be found for free on internet
  4. Black hat techniques that penalizes your site instead of improving it like they said
  5. Techniques that do not work
  6. -Incomplete products that are only funnel entrances to high-ticket products
  7. A product that needs upgrades to even start working because they were demonstrating the Premium version on the Video Sales Letter
  8. An old product that the marketer just relaunched to make more money out of you
  9. Pieces of a product that do not go together and there is no customer support to help you
  10. -A product that is sold under false pretences, lies or fraud
  11. -A disguised pyramid scheme or “triangular” sales
  12. A product sold on hype promising exaggerated results and not delivering
  13. -A product sold by a digital marketer who just stole or copied another product
  14. – A digital product that is sold based on fake fortune like rental cars, big rental houses, etc
  15. -A product sold by a person that was already fined by authorities for fraud or scams. Everyone deserves a second chance but not your hard-earned money.
  16. -A program sold by a front celebrity¬† but you get “mentored” by a nobody reading a script for thousands of dollars
  17. A digital product about a way to make money online but the creator of the program is NOT making money online that way. He is just making money online by selling his course. Get it? THAT IS THE BIGGEST SCAM ON THE MAKE MONEY ONLINE MARKET RIGHT NOW!
  18. A product where the sales process pushes you to max-out your credit cards or enroll your friends and family.
  19. A product with a “positive review” but from an affiliate that does not disclose its affiliation.
  20. A program that has no successful students to show


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