How to do the best copywriting?

How can I do good copywriting for my online business?

If you want to make money online, you need to have good copywriting. Good copywriters charge thousands of dollars because they bring thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue.

The person who knows your product and courses the best is you. You will have to write the benefits of your program anyway to give to your copywriter so you might as well learn copywriting basics and maybe go all the way in.

Having a mentor such as John Thornhill’ s program Partnership to Success is invaluable to learn copywriting the right way and get priceless feedback on your copywriting.

Good copywriting to make money online

Your copywriting should be pleasant to the eyes. Think of how you read a sales letter. You skim through it and read bold texts, bullet points, headers, text in different colors or highlighted. You should write in the same manner. Visit a couple of sales pages to get the feel of it. You can go to ClickBank and search the marketplace or JV Zoo and search the products.

Your copywriting should also breathe meaning avoid lengthy paragraphs and add images to rest the eyes of your readers.

Learning to write great copy isn’t really all that difficult. Here are a few tips you can use to learn to write copy. You may not be a master copywriter overnight, but you can vastly improve your skills with these few quick tips.

The Headline in copywriting

This is your most important copywriting real estate. Mist your headline and your salesletter will bum! The pre-headline is also very important. The pre-headline is the short one-sentence text that is put before your headline. It is usually in smaller fonts and it could be used to pre-qualify your audience like “attention anyone interested in learning Copywriting”. Your headline can also be used to create curiosity such as “If your copywriting sucks, you need this!” Your pre-headline can warm-up your audience in a significant manner.

Headlines have been tested millions of times. Do not try to re-invent the wheel by trying to be different. If a headline style worked well, use it. The most important part of any sales letter is the headline.

A strong headline will grab attention and encourage viewers to keep reading. A poorly-written headline will drive visitors away.

Headlines should generally be 2-3 lines, written in a large font, and be in quotes. Quotes greatly increase response, because it makes people read the headline more carefully. Headlines should also typically be written in red, because that is the color that catches human eye.

It is recommended to split test two different headlines against each other to see which one gets the best response. Testing your headlines, or using headlines that were tested is a great way to succeed in copywriting.

Some headlines format that have been very successful are:

  • Who Else Wants to _____________?
  • How to ________________
  • The Secrets ____________ Don’t Want You To Know!
  • How a ___________ Went From ____________ to _______ in _______


How a 14 Year Old Went From 0 to Seven Figures in Just Eight Weeks!

The Shocking Secrets Your Dentist is Hoping You Will Never Find Out!

Writing The Benefits Instead of The Features

In order to be a good copywriter, you need to understand the difference between benefits and features. The best way to put it is the example that people do not want a 3\4 inch drill bits, they want a 3\4 inch hole!

Talking about the feature of a tool will bore your customer and does not appeal to his emotions. On the other hand, telling him he will be able to build superb furniture, save time and money is great copywriting.

People buy on emotions. If you are selling a course, you have to present the benefits people will get from taking your course like “you will feel confident, you will have better relationship, etc” instead of saying “you will learn”. Stating features such as this course has five modules will not be interesting to your visitor and will not trigger their buying switch.

Any feature can be turned into a benefit with a little creativity. Speak to your visitor’s emotions and he will respond!


Use the right language in your copywriting

Even if you know all the big words in your niche, avoid all jargon in your copywriting. It is said that your copywriting in order to be effective should be as if you are speaking to a 9 year old.

Also, don’t be afraid to trigger emotions, good and bad. Stirring bad emotions like the pain your program is solving should be used intelligently.

Keep in mind that your visitors will have different personalities and respond to different modes. Your visual visitors will be attracted to a nice page with enough space and image and maybe even a video sales letter. Your auditory visitors will also enjoy your videos or even terms such as “listen”, “hear me out”, etc appealing to their right sense.

Have your own writing style and do not try to copy anyone else. Write as if you are talking directly to your customer and make them feel special. That is the basic human need.

You should adapt your copywriting to your own style and audience. At the same time, using what worked in the past is a great way to help you jump start your copywriting skill.

Using Swipe Files to Jumpstart Your Copywriting

You will never get stuck in front of a blank white page if you have a strong Swipe file of the best sales letter that you have encountered. Make sure that you put in your swipe file such sales letters as the ones that made millions in sale.

It is also said that you should copy many salesletters by hand to get the feeling of writing a good copy.

There are software that offer to do copywriting for you but you will have so much input and correcting that it might not be wroth it.

Do not hold on launching your product because you feel your copywriting is not perfect. It will never be! 🤣 Just remember that people skim through salesletters and make sure you have a solid headline, bullet points, and strong titles and you should be good to go. The more you write, the better your copywriting skills will be.