The 6 best reasons to open a free GrooveFunnel account NOW

The 7 best reasons to open a free Groovefunnels subscription


  1. Reason number 1: it is really free. By signing up using the links on this page, you get a really free, not a free trial but free lifetime access to the limited version of Groovefunnels. You get to use the same software, you just have a limited choice of templates.
  2. Reason number 2: It is newbie-friendly. No need for coding. It is all drag and drop. You get to create your own funnels in less than one hour. By now, you know that funnels are just a series of web pages linked together (sign-up, one-time offer, checkout and thank you page with download. You can add as many upsells and downsells but at one point too many will hurt your conversion rate and people will just leave without buying.
  3. Reason number 3: the hosting is also FREE. You get free cloud hosting which is more reliable than regular hosting and has great power. You do not have to pay for your hosting unless you want to host your funnels which you can do.
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  4. Reason number 4: You don’t need a domain name! GrooveFunnels provides you with a subdomain that is created when you design your funnel. You can choose to buy a domain name and use it for your funnel as well but theoretically, you save on buying a domain name.
  5. Reason number 5: The fact that the pages you create with Groovefunnels are cloud-hosted. Hence, the Groovefunnels pages load very fast. The loading speed of a website is a factor in Google ranking so this is a great point for your funnel.
  6. Reason number 6: the funnels created with Groovefunnels are SEO friendly. If you take the time (a couple of minutes) to fill your keywords and H tags, your funnel will also score well for SEO in Google.
  7. Reason number 7: When you create your funnels in Groovefunnels, you get to adjust it individually for laptop view, mobile view, and tablet view. Google has openly said in order to rank well a website has to show well on a mobile device.


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