Internet marketing changes after 15 years

Internet Marketing changes after 15 years

I had the chance to start internet marketing in 2005 which would be the renaissance period of internet marketing. By then, the first internet marketers were crying over the good old days where they could crank up websites with software, slap some ads on their thousands of pages and make a fortune. Some of them were also bragging about buying one-word domain names ending in .com and reselling them for millions. I envied them.

I attended a lot of internet marketing conventions and took copious notes. I created many websites that are still alive today. Then, life happened and my full-time career took me away. Ten years passed without me doing much in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing time changes

I came back to my internet marketing and making money online venture by resuscitating this website

The 5 biggest changes in internet marketing I have seen are:

  1. The good old days of making ads revenue with content that has no value are over. Thank you, Google®!
  2. There are still two kinds of internet marketers: the shady kinds with hype and lies and the honest kind.
  3. The competition is getting fierce. There are so many websites and social media entities that one needs to be spacially unique to make their mark in internet marketing (unless you are Kim Kardashian).
  4. The tools are making internet marketing more accessible to anyone with a computer and time which, in terms, feeds the point I was making in #3 that there is more and more competition in internet marketing.
  5. Social medias’ influences are growing at an alarming rate. Anybody who wants to succeed in online marketing is using social media to their advantage. The problem with the growing influence of social media is that a person who knows how to utilize social media to his advantage could easily manipulate elections and public opinion.

One thing that has not changed in those 15 years is the fun I have creating content and reaching out to people with online marketing.