I am tired of bad internet marketing products!

I am tired of crappy internet marketing products

Crappy internet products are still around more than ever. I have been away from my internet marketing business since 2010 and I am disappointed to see that there are still crappy internet marketers selling all kinds of bad products more than ever.

The top five signs that an internet marketing product is bad

  1. First sign: you have never heard of the seller and he has a very long sales pitch at the end of his FREE webinar where he is practically begging you to buy his product (it makes you wonder where did all the millions he just said he was doing went).
  2. The second sign that an internet marketing product is bad: The product is just full of hype promising you “floods of hungry buyers, unstoppable traffic, a stampede of avid buyers (come on!) INSTANT whatever, more money than you can spend” etc etc.   And beware of the expression “at the click of a button” or “instantly” or “literally” sixty seconds or anything to that extend.                                                                                           Internet Marketing Alert
  3. The third sign is either a ridiculously low price- then you know you just stepped into an endless funnel with up sales, down sales, side sales you name it, anything to get more money from you. Free trials are also a trap where you will get billed and so many people have gotten scammed and overbilled even though they asked to stop taking payments.
  4. The fourth sign that those reviews that are 100% positive: the person pushing the product is obviously an affiliate and getting a commission when you buy the product so their review is extremely biased. The other alert is if a marketer is repeating over and over that they are honest, just like the infamous used car salesman, this is usually a frank sign that he is not that honest. Internet Marketing Product Alert
  5.  The fifth sign that an internet marketing product is bad is when even after watching the demo video and reading the entire salespage you still have no clue as to what the product does. The seller just throws at you such vague terms as “at the push of a button, newbie-friendly, as easy as one, two three, etc”
  6. All right, here is a sixth BONUS sign that an internet marketing product is bad: it looks exactly like another product that same vendor was offering. Often, those marketers have created one product that works more or less and that is the extent of their talent. In order to make more money, they often re-launching the same product (in a different color and under a different name) but without any added value.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 And don’t get fooled by those scarcity tactics and suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and all those false claims that the offer is going to disappear. I stopped counting how many times I was able to go back to a page that was supposed to have disappeared just by bookmarking it.