How to create a free lead capture page

How to create a lead capture page 

Creating a FREE lead capture (a landing page with an opt-in form) took me 3 hours! Here is the breakdown of what I had to do to create a lead capture page with the thank you page that goes along with it.

  1. I wasted 2 hours trying all different plugins that are designed to create opt-in forms, some were very ugly, some were annoying (pop-ups) and some were just impossible to create and make work.
  2. I spent the next hour using the free version of the plugin called Mailchimp Forms by Mailmunch to make it work on my WordPress theme.
  3. I wasted 20 minutes creating yet another annoying pop up that I deleted afterward.
  4. I created a landing page with an opt-in form that I linked to my free MailChimp account (maximum 2000 subscribers- after that you need to pay). It was pretty straight forward with a drag and drop editor.
  5. During the creation of the landing page, the plugin offered me to create a thank you page where I was able to put my links to the Free high definition funnel builder I was offering.

Free funnel builder

Then I had some trouble attaching the free internet marketing checklist I was offering people. I got back to my old way of doing things in WordPress (I am pretty sure there was a simpler way, I just did not know it). So, I uploaded the PDF as a media file (any page has that option) and then copied the URL it provided me for that media file. I was then able to go back to my thank you page, highlight the text I wanted to be clickable for the free internet marketing checklist and linked it to the URL I had. I then checked the box that said that this link should open on a different window.

I then checked that everything worked fine by going to the landing page with the opt-in form I had created and put in my email address. I automatically received a welcome email from my Mailchimp account and was redirected to the thank you page where I was able to click on the three links provided and got my free internet marketing checklist and high definition funnel creator.

So to be fair, it only took me 40 minutes to create my free welcome page (landing page with opt-in form) and following thank you page seen here once I knew what I was doing! 😁