How to use TubeBuddy to find keywords and tags to rank your videos on top

TubeBuddy can be added to your Chrome extension to boost your videos” ranking on Youtube and get more traffic

This very cool video ranking booster has a very powerful free version. You can install it on your Chrome browser in one easy and fast click.

Start with its powerful keyword research tool to help you rank your videos on top of Youtube. You can also research what highly ranking videos are using as keywords with one click. The best way to understand how to use TubeBuddy to get the most out of it is to use it and start playing around with it.

Here are the five simple steps to start ranking your videos higher on YouTube using TubeBuddy:

  1. Download the Chrome extension of TubeBuddy here.
  2. Log in Youtube.
  3. Do a search for a given keyword in the niche you are interested in.
  4. Click on the first video.
  5. You will see on the right of the video, the TubeBuddy logo and their analysis of the video. They will show you what the video did right which you should definitely follow. They will also show you the tags used by that video. You can click on the button called “ranking” to see the ranking for those tags. You can even copy all those tags in one click! This list of high ranking keywords provided by TubeBuddy is the golden key for the video you will create. You can do that for more than one video to get an even greater list of keywords.

This fantastic list of keywords and tags will actually help you outline your video in a clear cut manner.

TubeBuddy to rank higher YouTube video



There is a paying version of TubeBuddy if you want to get more out of this fantastic tool to rank your videos higher on YouTube.

You have to realize that YouTube is a huge search engine. Just like, you need to learn how to rank high in Google, you need to rank high on YouTube by giving their algorithms what they want (tags, descriptions and keywords) to get more traffic and make money in the end.

YouTube is owned by Google and if you look at search results on Google, you will see that videos have a very high ranking. You need to understand how to rank your videos high in YouTube and TubeBuddy is a great tool to sppe-up that process.

Of course, you will need to create great videos but this will not be a problem if you are yourself and deliver useful content.