How to travel the world while making money online

Travelling the world while making money online is possible for savvy digital marketers

Having your business online is a great thing if you like to travel as their is internet pretty much anywhere in the world, unless you plan on going in the middle of the jungle.

At the time of writing, the world pandemic caused by COVID-19 is still going on. The vaccination though has started and the rate of cases and deaths has gone down.

It is permitted to plan that when things get back to normal, you might want to travel the world while making money online.

You have to realize that you do not have to make millions of dollars online to be able to travel. You have to plan ahead though. You can start by creating your funnel by creating your first free funnel in Groove.

Digital nomad

You have to ask yourself those very important questions when planning to travel the world with your online business

Who will be travelling with you?

How will you be travelling? By air? By car? By an RV? By boat?

What is your budget if you don’t start making sales right away?

What is your goal in travelling? Do you want to blog about it? create a course? Just have fun?

How much does it cost you per day to live?

What will you do with your current living arrangement? Do you rent an apartment that you can sublet? Are you going to put your stuff in storage? Do you have a house and mortgage payment?

How well do you travel? Do you get homesick after a couple of days? Do you get sick often when travelling?

Did you think of getting health insurance if you are going out of the country?

Did you research the country you want to go to? You might experience a huge cultural shock if you do not check the customs of the countries you want to visit?

Are you taking unnecessary risks by travelling to unsafe countries?

Is your passport valid for along period? Do you need a Visa for the country you plan on visiting?

Is your online business making money already? How much?

If you have not done so, creating your first funnel or website is a must. Go to GrooveFunnels and create your first funnel and start selling either your own products or affiliate products.

If you are good at creating websites or funnels, you could sell your services on Fiverr.