How to make money posting ads on your blog or website

Making money with ads and paid links on your website

There are more than one way to monetize your blog or website. Here are the top 6 ways to monetize your website or blog.

  1. You can sell your own products, services, courses, etc. Selling your own products has the best profit margins as you keep all the profits. On the other hand, it will require more work upfront to create your product, et it up, offer customer service, etc                                                                                                                                              6 ways to monetize your website
  2. You can sell other people’s products that you acquired the rights to. By acquiring a whitelabel product and putting your name or brand on it, you get to keep all the process from the sale and did not have to bother with creating the product.
  3. You can sell other digital marketer’s products as an affiliate like GrooveFunnels. You get paid a good commission, your customer is happy and the product creator is happy. Only promote products that you believe in and ideally that you are using.
  4. You can sell ads on your site like Adsense ads.  Adsense pays you if your visitor clicks on the ads displayed on your blog or website. NEVER click on your own ads as this will have your account terminated immediately. The amount you are paid is a portion of the price the advertiser paid Google advertising. Some niches pay better than others but often one click will bring you pennies or a dollar. You need to have a lot of traffic to your blog or website in order for ads to be worth it.
  5. You can sell physical products with Amazon’s affiliate program. When Amazon changed the commissions they were paying their affiliates, many took a very hard hit in their revenues. This is the reason you should never rely on just one source of income especially in your digital marketing business. That being said, look at the beautiful and tempting Amazon products below…
  7. You can do dropshipping which is basically relaying your customer’s  order to a wholesaler who will ship the product directly to your customer and send you a commission.