How to set-up a shopping cart and payment processor

How to get a free shopping-cart for your digital marketing business


Welcome to the tenth day of the email course called, “Accepting Payment.” This is one of the 40 powerful email courses provided by THE BIG INTERNET MARKETING GAME.COM.


Today’s Lesson:


Accepting Payment


At last, a short section…..I hope. Now that you have set up a great internet marketing website and have regular visitors who want to buy your products, how do you accept payments?

How to get a free shopping cart for your digital business


Look for a Turn Key Online Payment System. There are several available online payment strategies to consider.

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Option 1: A Turn Key System that provides:


  • A shopping cart feature
  • A payment processor that will allow you to accept credit cards
  • An autoresponder service
  • An affiliate program


Option 2: A Payment Processing Company Only


Option 3: Paypal


One of the most important features of an online payment system is trust. Your customers want to trust that their personal information is being protected when they make a purchase from your website.


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